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When trying to achieve a more expensive look, some celebrities come to mind, think Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump, Serena Van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl), Angelina Jolie etc whose styles feature simple sophistication, clean tailoring and understated elements.

Truth be told, these celebrities have access to the most seasoned stylists and the most expensive designer items available to them, however, you can steal their styles for less than half the price by following these 7 simple rules:

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1. Clean lines: keep your lines simple, clean and tailored by investing in a fitted jackets, tailored shirts, midi pencil skirts and skinny jeans that show off the lines of your body in an elegant way.

2. Cigarette Pumps: these are god’s gift to the sophisticated woman. These pointy shoes elongate the legs while giving you the added lift you need for the perfect look. A personal favorite of ours because they come with functional heel lengths. Score!

3. Darker Colors: stick to neutrals and darker colors when shopping for clothing items. Some of our suggested colors include beige, whites, nudes, blacks, grays, darker versions of blues and greens etc.

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4. Textures: a number of women make the mistake dressing too flat in the textures department. Incorporate varying textures of knits, chiffon, plaids, linen etc into your outfit for added sophistication.

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5. Minimal make up: don’t ruin all the hard work you have put into your outfit with an overly made up face. Less is more when it comes to achieving this chic look. Focus points are dewy youthful skin and natural looking make up. Related Article: how to achieve perfect looking skin in 5 easy steps.

6. Stay Close to your roots: in the hair department! For a more glamorous look, natural is the watch word. Do not to dye your hair or wear weaves/ extensions that are more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Still bent of dying your hair, make sure you visit a colorist or hairstylist to get it professionally done.

picstitch (3)7. Accessorize with pair of peepers: nothing screams glamorous more than a pair of perfectly fitting sunglasses. Be sure to choose glasses that suit your face shape. Related Article: Which type of sunglasses are best suited for my face shape.




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Ever wondered if you were wearing the right sunglasses for your face shape? Here is our guide to help you in future selections.

photo 1 (2)1. Oval Shaped Face: usually considered the ideal face shape. This shape is characterized by a balanced forehead, high cheekbones and tapered jaw close to forehead width (think Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Beyonce). Lucky for Oval faced women, any shape works on them.

Our preference: softly angular frames to play up your features.


photo 2 (1)2. Oblong/ Long Shaped Face: characterized by narrow chin and cheeks with length almost two times width (think Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Kim Kardashian).

Best sunglasses for this face shape: oversized , wrap.

photo 1 (1)3. Heart Shaped Face: often considered the most feminine of all face shapes. This shape is characterized by a wide forehead narrow chin. (think Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey).  A variation of this shape is the Diamond face shape, which possesses the above qualities of the heart shape with high, prominent cheek bones ( think scarlett johansson, Rihanna).

Best Sunglasses for this face shape: Cat’s-eye/ round.

photo 34. Square Shaped Face: characterized by a broad forehead, square jawline and often sharp, defined cheek bones (think Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde).

Best Sunglasses for this face shape: Round, oval, cat’s-eye.

photo 5 (1)5. Round Shaped Face: characterized by cheeks, a narrow forehead and jaw. Length and width of this face shape are almost equal ( think Ginnifer Goodwin, Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymore).

Best Sunglasses for this Face shape: Wide, rectangular frames.






With advancing technology, more stores are abandoning the direct selling approach moving online for easier accessibility for the customer.  Here is a list of the best places to shop online for fashion, beauty and more items in Nigeria.

This list is compiled based on visibility, ease of use, retail prices and customer service.


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ASOS.COM: This site offers the some of best high street styles and trends at the most affordable prices. Though not a Nigerian based company, the site offers free shipping on all orders to Lagos, Nigeria.

JUMIA.COM/KONGA.COM: two of the largest retail sites in Nigeria, Jumia.com and Konga.com offer some of the best deals on fashion items, beauty products, books, accessories and gadgets. We cannot vouch for some of the cheaper products on this site but it’s worth a shot.

FASHPA.COM: This Nigerian based site retails clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and gifts from designers such as Next, Miss Selfridge, Awear, Reis  and River island. All products listed on this site is in Naira so it’s saves one the hassle of currency conversion and free shipping is offer on all orders above N5000 within Lagos, Nigeria.

THE5KSHOP: this retail site offers fashion items and accessories on a budget. Everything offered on this site is N5,000 or less.

BETSYCHARLESLINGERIE.COM: this is one of the few sites in Nigeria that offers a range of intimates and lingerie purchased from UK stores to Nigerian Women. These items Bras, Mini Briefs, Nightwear, Swimwear, fitness gear etc.



OLORI.COM.NG: this beauty site based in Nigeria offers a range of hair care products and essentials for natural and relaxed hair textures. Some brands offered on this site include Kinky Curly, Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s etc. The site also offers a range of naturally sourced products such as Henna, Oils and Butters. And there customer service? Let’s just say it’s a must try.

COSMETICS NIGERIA.COM: this site offers high-end makeup and cosmetics from brands such as Avon, Anew, Mark, Charlotte Russe, Gymboree and Children’s place to Nigerians at hugely discounted prices.

BABEMAKEUP.COM: this online makeup and skin care store offers both departmental and professional brands at reasonable prices. Brands retailed include MAC, E.L.F, Ben Nye, Victoria’s Secret, Black Opal, Sleek, Maybelline and Covergirl.




HELLOFOOD.COM.NG : this online food delivery company is amazing. The site offers a variety of meals from your favorite restaurants in Nigeria, delivered to you at your doorstep. Some of the foods delivered include Burgers, Pizzas, Local Nigerian Dishes, Chinese, Italian and Indian etc. Night in? Try Hellofood.



DEALDEY.COM: this site offers the best deals in Food & Drinks, Spa & Beauty, Hotel & Travel, Fashion, Household items, Technology and Services. Offers on this site can go as low as -90% off original price. Definitely worth a try!


Did we miss out any sites you love? Please fill the contact form below and we will update this list.




article-2376762-0AD668E9000005DC-783_634x371   Did you know you could be the envy of many in the beauty department overnight in 6 easy steps? Here’s our list:


1. Cleanse: this step is absolutely important when it comes to your night-time beauty routine as it helps rid the skin of dirt and grime that may have accumulated throughout the day. There is no short-cut when it comes to this step as many people believe that facial cleansing wipes are great alternatives to actually washing your face. False! Make sure you cleanse your face with water and a specialized cleanser tailored to your skin type and reap the benefits of clear skin.

2. Brush and Whiten Teeth: this vital step is often skipped by many beauty addicts. A great smile is a sign of beauty and youth. Keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape by brushing teeth before going to bed and investing in an Over-The-Counter teeth whitener. Works wonders on your overall beauty.

3. Moisturise with natural products: lock in necessary moisture and hydrate skin with a great natural moisturizer. Unlike many popular beliefs, skin doesn’t breathe so skipping this step is an absolute no-no. Over 30? Invest in specialized product that target problem areas such as eye-creams or organic night lotions to slow down the ageing process. Your future skin will thank you

4. Change Your Eating Habits:  it’s difficult to break certain eating habits and mid-night snacking is one of them. For optimal digestive performance, eat nothing less than 3 hours before bed. Remember! A healthy digestive system= better overall health and gorgeousness.

5. Drink water: water is a natural detoxifier. Cleanse your system by drinking a glass of water just before bed. Also keep a bottle of water close to your bedside at night should you get thirsty during sleep.

6. Daily vitamins: Eating  large quantities of certain foods can greatly improve skin, hair and nails appearance. Some of these foods include Tomatoes, Peppers, Carrots, Avocados, Nuts, Oily Fish, Oats, Cucumbers, Beans etc rich in antioxidants slow down the ageing process. Vitamins supplements can be taken daily to further improve your appearance. Some of these vitamins include B complex, omega 3’s and 6’s, bee pollen, folic acid etc.


Have any more tips you’ll love to share? Please leave a comment below.





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As a Nigerian woman, living in Nigeria, I have noticed the prevalence of the skin bleaching also known as skin lightening procedure practiced by many Nigerian women which often involves the use of very harsh chemicals on their skin in the bid to look whiter. Some women even resort to the use of chemicals such as shampoos and other specific products targeted to work on other less sensitive parts of the body in this bid.
The skin bleaching process involves the use of chemicals such as soaps, creams, serums and sometimes professionally done procedure to aggressively lighten and alter the skin in the aim of looking more attractive or accustoming oneself to a more euro-centric standard of beauty in what many Nigerians term ( Half-caste).
Researchers claim that this particular beauty procedure is also fairly common in other parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
There are some social triggers to this practice. I have concluded on these three factors mainly through immediate societal observation and may not be valid in other societies.
1. Attractiveness: many people in Nigeria and parts of West Africa judge a woman’s attractiveness mainly based on how light her skin is, giving rise to the term ‘Yellow- Fever’ among critics. Darker women are often called too dark or unattractive which limits the number of men in their dating pool and so they resort to skin lightening procedures to fit in and increase their chances of finding a mate.
2. Social Standing: Lighter skinned people in Nigeria are viewed as people of higher social status and often called ‘Aje- butter’ in the local Nigerian term. Due to this, people of the so-called lower status try to lighten their skin to fit in and become identified as those of higher statuses believing that this will greatly improve their social standing and acceptance.
3. Peer Pressure: a number of women have succumbed to pressure when it comes to skin lightening. They build these habits from institutions and are often carried on into life. It becomes addictive and difficult to break.
These factors show that society is majorly to blame when it comes to this harmful procedure and we all need to re-educate ourselves to appreciate our natural skin tones.
We are beautiful, no matter what shade we are in. We need to stop killing our women and start selling the idea that beauty begins from within regardless of the color of our skin.
Related Article: Skin Whiteners and Beauty-the Impact of Global Markets.

Do you think there are any other factors that influence the skin bleaching prevalence in societies? Please share.



A member of our team recently had an interview with the Head designer and Creative director of the colorful, eye-catching and modern African fashion label ‘Designs by Prelim”, Zimbabwean designer Preline Martha who was born in Zimbabwe but later moved to London, England at age 10.
Prelim is a very interesting name. Is there a story behind it?
The Name Prelim came from my youngest sister not being able to pronounce my name Preline. I liked the sound of it.
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Please could you enlighten us on the inspiration behind the label you created?
Prelim is a African inspired fashion label inspired by the Afrobeats culture that is currently arising in the London music scene. Prelim Clothing is always colorful driven with eye catching prints. Growing up in London and having an African background was defiantly interesting and would come to influence my work.
How did you start your Fashion Designing Journey and what would you say is your major influence(s)?
Started my fashion journey by studying fashion and textiles  in college and moving on to studying a women’s wear BA Degree at Middlesex University. In 2012 I started working on my label Prelim.
My current influence in my collection is the Afrobeats music influence; the fusion of African culture and western street culture and exploring it in fashion. As musician Fuse ODG said “this is new Africa” people are proud of their African heritage and western roots.  What I aimed for with my clothing line was that it would mix and match with items they had in their wardrobe.
 All Prelim designs are available for purchase. For More info, find DESIGNS BY PRELIM on FACEBOOK, on INSTAGRAM or follow via TWITTER


Estee Lauder Modern Muse - Arizona Muse

The luxury skincare and cosmetics company Estée Lauder introduces its new signature fragrance ‘Modern Muse’ inspired by the essence of a strong woman, comfortable in her individuality and confident enough to juggle the responsibilities of home and work life.

The Modern Muse woman basks in her femininity and with her magnetism, draws and inspires people she meets to her positive energy.

The floral woody essence of the ‘modern muse’ fragrance from Estée Lauder embodies confidence, style and creativity with a dash of youthfulness.

Would you be trying this new exciting fragrance? We certainly will.