6 Things I Did Differently to get My Type 4 Hair Straight

I was one of the firm believers of the mantra “Type 4 Natural Hair can never be straightened”. I had several failed salon appointments to back up my claim. Why was my hair reverting to a big poofy mess as soon as I stepped out of the Salon? Was it true that Type 4 hair wasn’t “Good hair”? So frustrating.

To be honest, I had given up on styling my hair and decided to resort to wearing weaves and braids for a year. It was tragic. Bad split ends, torn out edges, dehydrated strands were what I had to deal with anytime I took the extensions down. I was so done with this life, hence my reason to give straightening my hair another go.

I missed throwing up my hair in a high puff or ponytail and going to work without being concerned about styling. And at this point, I was also over high puffs. My journey to the perfect blowout began.

The Journey

I shopped around my neighbourhood for the perfect salon, till I found the MOD’s salon located at the Brasas’R Place, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1. I Was impresses at how professional and courteous the stylists were, how lit and cool it was, how hands-on the management was plus the salon had a high ceiling. I adore high ceilings because they make spaces look infinitely better.

Upon speaking with one of the stylists, I found out that their main service focus was on natural hair. I was thrilled. Finally, a salon I have found that may get my hair style. I soon proceeded with Straightening treatment.

The Mizani Thermasmooth line was used on my hair throughout the process, and frankly, the first time it was done, it was a hot mess. By hot mess, I mean day 1 reversion. Yikes! I was back at the salon the next morning to go over the process again. I wasn’t about to hit my office on Monday looking like a lightning-struck Meerkat.

Straightening My Hair Perfectly

The Mizani Thermasmooth line was used again, but this time I noticed that we (the stylist with my help) did a ton of things differently.

1. The Keratin Deep Conditioning Treatment. During my initial “hot mess” press I stayed under the dryer for 45 mins.

What was different: I stayed under the dryer for 1 hour the second time around.

2. Blow drying. During my initial press, the blow drying was quick, this I think was one of the resons we got it wrong at first.

What was different: The blow drying was more thorough. The stylist utilized the Tension, Blow Dryer Comb and Round Brush methods to really lay my roots. Think of it as the root being a dictator of how the entire strands look like (plain science, duh!).

3. Stlying product. During my initial press, the sylist spritz my hair with a lot of products which included the Leave-in Conditiiner, Heat Protectant and Hair Shine Serum (All Mizani products). This caused a lot of build up and weighing down for my hair.

What was different: A dime sized amount of Leave-in Conditiiner and Heat Protectant applied to the Stylist’s palm before rubbing on hair. No Hair Shine was used this time.

4. Styling tools. The L’OREL Heat Pod with huge plates was used during my initial press. The biggest issue with this was that the plates were too large so the roots of me hair weren’t properly captured or laid. Also, the highest temperature on the flat iron was 210°C. The stylist used 200°C for me during this session.

What was different: A smaller flat iron was used. This enabled the stylist get down to the roots of my hair to flat iron. Also this ceramic flat iron was hotter i.e. set to 230°C (highest temperature) this time. I realize that Kinkier/ Coilier textures straighten better at higher temperatures. Also, you do not stand a chance of getting heat dammaged hair if you use a good heat protectant and get the Stylist to minimize passes across sections.

5. Trimming. The stylist was too conservative in trimming off split ends during my initial press. This I believe also contributed a great deal to the immediate reversion.

What was different: Hair was properly trimmed the second time around. Also, this was ideal as it will mean that most bad ends would have been gotten rid of once my hair goes back to its coily state. It is really hard to properly trim kinky/coily hair so I will suggest limit trims to when you are getting a blow out or press.

6. Saran Wrap Method: This was none existent during my initial press.

What was different: The Stylist utilized the Saran Wrap Method to set my hair the second time around. This simply means that hair was wrapped around my head and covered in cling film. I then proceeded to sit under a hooded dryer -cool setting, for 15 mins. I do think my results would have been bouncier under the dryer’s hot setting, so I will be trying this out next time. Video below for better understanding of this:

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Images: Keya J (Youtube), Amazon.com, Styling You

Video: Deeper Than Hair TV (Youtube)