stretch marks

Stretch marks as many of us know are unsightly marks found on the buttocks, breasts, upper arms, back,thighs, abdomen and stomach caused by the tearing of the dermis due to skin stretching and expansion.

These marks are usually caused by hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, or rapid weight changes such as body building or weight-loss.

The best way to get rid of stretch marks is to prevent them from appearing through regular moisturizing of the surface with an oil based emollient, however, this is not the case of many as stretch marks are mainly noticed after they appear and we are left with the only option of minimizing their appearance.

Thankfully, the visibility of stretch marks can be minimized, and so here are our top 5 stretch marks minimizing and prevention products.


1. Coconut Oil: There are countless skin benefits of using coconut oil and minimizing the appearance of stretch marks is one of such benefits. This versatile oil is one of the few oils that have natural moisturizing properties that penetrate deep without sitting on the surface. Related Article: The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Quick Tip:

1. Apply coconut oil to damp skin after stepping out of the shower for better absorption.

2. Always remember to buy Virgin or Extra Virgin Coconut oil (which are the purest forms of Coconut oil) from a trusted supplier. Related Link:  Purchase Coconut Oil in Nigeria

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2. Nature’s Own Oil: This advanced skin repair serum is relatively new to the scene and is already creating a buzz when it comes to stretch marks minimization and prevention.This product not only helps with stretch marks, but also yields good results for uneven skin tone, ageing skin and burns.

Nature’s Own Oil is specially formulated to soothe and rejuvenate the skin, producing a silky soft and glowing effect. The light, non-greasy formulation is easily absorbed and the hypoallergenic formulation makes it suitable for all skin types.

This product manufactured in Canada is highly recommended for those who aren’t concerned about the presence of mineral oil  and propylene glycol in its formulation. Purchase Nature’s Own Oil


3. Shea Butter: Another natural product that helps in minimizing scarring. This product is usually extracted from the African Shea tree and used for producing many body lotions in the cosmetic industry due to its high moisturizing properties.

Shea Butter comes solid in form but usually melts when in contact with the skin. This odorless product can also be sometimes used as an alternative to Cocoa Butter.

bio oil

4. Bio Oil: This is a specially formulated product made with Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender and Rosemary Oils that a number of people swear by.

Research carried out by the Bio-Oil Company in 2010 showed an improvement in stretch marks visibility in 38 female subjects between the ages of 18-65 in less than 2 weeks.

cocoa butter

5. Cocoa Butter: This natural product is a pale-yellow product derived from the Cocoa Bean that contains high level of antioxidants and a fairly stable quality that enables it keep for years.

There are a number of cocoa butter believers but a clinical research study showed the effects of cocoa butter on stretch marks in pregnant women yielded no different from the results of a placebo.

Cocoa butter should also be used in moderation as it has shown visible darkening effects on active users.





photo 2

The significance of art in fashion is prominent in many designers collections as they often reference a point in art history as the driving force or idea behind their new creations.

We caught up with the talented abstract artist and sculptor, Anthony Boone who is influenced by Fashion and Architectural movement. Boone who is planning to start his T-shirt line in June completely embodies the quote ‘Fashion is Art, Art is Fashion’.


Please introduce yourself and what you do.

Hey guys, My name is Anthony E. Boone (Art name: Boone) and I am an Abstract Artist and Sculptor from Rahway, New Jersey, America.

Please describe your Art Form.

My art form is Abstract, my medium is acrylic mixed media which I term ‘liquid movement’. I’m a very unorthodox painter, I paint in the most comfortable way to paint, on the ground, I don’t use a paint brush, I use everything else (laughter)…. Scraper, Knifes, Forks, Water, Fire, Vinegar etc. I have no limits when it comes to creation and exploring the unknown.

photo 2

What inspired your passion for art?
So many things inspired my passion. From everyday life experiences such as  a  speeding car, or a heavily traveled walked surface, I see abstract art/ serialism in it.  Rock formation in mountains, water movement from a waterfall and the different colors formed through erosion.
I am also inspired by the worlds around us, things we can only view through telescope, galaxy, stars, gas, planets and nebula which are elements inspire us all because are apart of that organic world. This is the kind of atmosphere you find in my work. I love it!!!!
How did you develop this passion/Who are your influences?
I’m influenced by my parents who are both artists, but a different type of art. My mom is a professional seamstress and my dad is a carpenter even now in old age are still passionate to create.
We know you are working on something big at the moment. Could you tell us more about it?
I am working on a series titled “Following My Dream 150” and the concept behind the series is to create 150 original, one-off paintings. This project started on New Year’s Eve is in memory of My late brother Darren Roe.
The revenue from these paintings create will help fund my Boone tee-shirt line that will drop in June aiming to get the youths involved in art through fashion; to wear something that’s alive, that has substance and history behind it, and to motivate them to create as well.
photo 1
photo 3
photo 1
Where can this work be purchased?
My work on the “Following My Dream 150” series can be found on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and on TWITTER. It can also be purchased from my online portfolio HERE.



The importance of Fitness and Exercise in our daily routine can never be over-emphasized as it not only keeps one healthy and strong by building the body’s natural immunity but also keeps us looking attractive.

There are several pleasurable activities a person can engage in to stay fit and one of the ways to do so is through swimming.

A member of our team caught up with the CEO and Head Coach of The Climax Swim School, the premier organized swimming school in Nigeria to discuss why swimming is a necessary and enjoyable skill everyone should have.


Please introduce yourself.

Hello guys, my name is Amfani Musa Ayam and I am a Swimming Coach/Instructor from Nigeria.

Why did you choose Swimming as your fitness passion?

I wouldn’t say I chose swimming as a fitness passion but rather that swimming chose me. I have always been drawn to  water since I was a kid and oftentimes I got punished for being the rebellious child who sneaked  away to the pool against his Father’s wishes. We Nigerians are quite superstitious about water but it all worked out in the end, I guess (laughter).

What prompted you to start a Swim School?

It was pretty easy! I knew my passion and I knew I wanted to share it with the world. It’s one thing passion, but another to communicate that passion. I found my balance.


When did you first open your Swim School and what is your vision for the school?

We began Climax Swim School officially in 2010 and it was quite challenging at the onset like any other new business. Right now, We average about 150 clients monthly, thanks to our unique service style and clients’ goodwill.

Our vision is to train young athletes to swim professionally and compete internationally on any platform. Our end game is to produce Olympic winners in the swimming category from Nigeria.

As a professional, what would you say are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming has a lot of benefits and they vary between people, some have who want to lose some weight have found out that water is more dense than air so doing other forms of exercise isn’t as efficient as swimming, your limbs are protected from the harsh exercises in the gym.

Swimming is also used for rehabilitating Stroke patients,individuals with down syndrome and calming Autistic children. Swimming also helps in building the cardiovascular muscles. It earns bonus points for also being a recreational activity.

What do you think about the stereotype that Nigerians (Africans, Blacks) cannot swim?

Nigerians have capacity to excel among the leading Swimming nations but  passion and enthusiasm is lacking, and that’s why we are where we are. With discipline and determination, many Phelps can come from Nigeria (Africa).

What are your tips for beginner Students and Coaches?


Make sure you find a good instructor  with good communication skills who is patient and willing to teach. Secondly, you MUST eliminate fear to ever do well as a swimmer.


If you are keen on going  into the swimming business, you must love what you do and be willing to be creative in your approach.


Where is your Swim School located?

Climax Swim School is based in the FCT (Abuja) Nigeria but we shall be expanding soon to other major cities in Nigeria.

Want more information on Climax Swim School, find them on FACEBOOK, follow on TWITTER or call the following numbers 07054765738, 07060450402.




The ‘Magnetic Nude’ from M.A.C. is now available in the M.A.C Nigeria Store.

The collection embraces glimmering metallics and natural nudes, paying tribute to the carefree-ness and unforced beauty of youth for the perfect finish.


Products in this collection include Lipsticks, Glosses, Eyeshadow, Blush,Mascara, microfiber Brushes and Skin Perfectors in subtle shades.

With the Magnetic Nudes collection, you are sure to find the perfect mix of sheer perfection for your skin tone.

Have more questions? Please visit MACCOSMETICS.NG or the nearest M.A.C Pro for help.



We all love a good bargain, don’t we? Good news for all bargain hunters in Nigeria as We are excited to announce the on-going clearance sales on fashion items sold in both Mango Nigeria and Woolworths Nigeria this February. Isn’t this amazing for all of us?

This exclusive piece of information which would not be found in any of the stores official sites was brought to us by a member of our team who purchased some items for as low as 70% off original price.

What are you waiting for? Hurry now to the Mango and Woolworths stores at The Palms Shopping  Mall, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos to get the best deals.

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Wigs make a great way to switch up your look without having to spend Thousands of Naira (Hundreds of Dollars) in getting your hair done or installing  a weave (let’s face it, we all love us some Weaves and Hair Extensions).Wigs come in different cuts, colors and textures as well as varying types according to preference. For a complete change of look, it is best to choose a  Full Wig. For a more natural option, you could either go for a Lace-Front Wig or a Half-Wig.


Still not convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons for you to get a wig:

1. Switching Up Your Look: You can never go wrong with Wigs when it comes to changing your look in seconds. They are fun, easy and flirty.

2. Cheaper: investing in a good Wig is cheaper in the long run as it cuts down the frequency of salon visits which can get pretty expensive.

3. Time-Saving: Wigs afford you the convenience of getting styled in seconds. No hassle!

4. Durable: A good Wig can last you a very long time if cared for properly.

5. Great for Hair: Wearing a Wig helps in reducing hair manipulation (such as brushing, blow drying and straightening) which causes breakage over time as the hair is mostly worn in ponytails, plaits or cornrows under the wig.


Always remember to choose a Wig that is parallel to your overall style and personal taste.

Bad Hair day? Just Wig it!




The professional make-up and cosmetics company M.A.C  has launched its official mobile site for the Nigerian market.

This mobile site is expected to give consumers the opportunity to view and buy the newest M.A.C collections and keep them updated on latest make-up and beauty trends. The mobile friendly site also features Rihanna’s latest collaboration with M.A.C which includes limited edition make up for eyes, lips and face in metallic, daring shades encased in the ‘Riri iconic’ rose gold detailing.

This site offers insight into the colorful world of glamorous make-up and flawless artistry.