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When trying to achieve a more expensive look, some celebrities come to mind, think Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump, Serena Van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl), Angelina Jolie etc whose styles feature simple sophistication, clean tailoring and understated elements.

Truth be told, these celebrities have access to the most seasoned stylists and the most expensive designer items available to them, however, you can steal their styles for less than half the price by following these 7 simple rules:

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1. Clean lines: keep your lines simple, clean and tailored by investing in a fitted jackets, tailored shirts, midi pencil skirts and skinny jeans that show off the lines of your body in an elegant way.

2. Cigarette Pumps: these are god’s gift to the sophisticated woman. These pointy shoes elongate the legs while giving you the added lift you need for the perfect look. A personal favorite of ours because they come with functional heel lengths. Score!

3. Darker Colors: stick to neutrals and darker colors when shopping for clothing items. Some of our suggested colors include beige, whites, nudes, blacks, grays, darker versions of blues and greens etc.

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4. Textures: a number of women make the mistake dressing too flat in the textures department. Incorporate varying textures of knits, chiffon, plaids, linen etc into your outfit for added sophistication.

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5. Minimal make up: don’t ruin all the hard work you have put into your outfit with an overly made up face. Less is more when it comes to achieving this chic look. Focus points are dewy youthful skin and natural looking make up. Related Article: how to achieve perfect looking skin in 5 easy steps.

6. Stay Close to your roots: in the hair department! For a more glamorous look, natural is the watch word. Do not to dye your hair or wear weaves/ extensions that are more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Still bent of dying your hair, make sure you visit a colorist or hairstylist to get it professionally done.

picstitch (3)7. Accessorize with pair of peepers: nothing screams glamorous more than a pair of perfectly fitting sunglasses. Be sure to choose glasses that suit your face shape. Related Article: Which type of sunglasses are best suited for my face shape.


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