article-2376762-0AD668E9000005DC-783_634x371   Did you know you could be the envy of many in the beauty department overnight in 6 easy steps? Here’s our list:


1. Cleanse: this step is absolutely important when it comes to your night-time beauty routine as it helps rid the skin of dirt and grime that may have accumulated throughout the day. There is no short-cut when it comes to this step as many people believe that facial cleansing wipes are great alternatives to actually washing your face. False! Make sure you cleanse your face with water and a specialized cleanser tailored to your skin type and reap the benefits of clear skin.

2. Brush and Whiten Teeth: this vital step is often skipped by many beauty addicts. A great smile is a sign of beauty and youth. Keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape by brushing teeth before going to bed and investing in an Over-The-Counter teeth whitener. Works wonders on your overall beauty.

3. Moisturise with natural products: lock in necessary moisture and hydrate skin with a great natural moisturizer. Unlike many popular beliefs, skin doesn’t breathe so skipping this step is an absolute no-no. Over 30? Invest in specialized product that target problem areas such as eye-creams or organic night lotions to slow down the ageing process. Your future skin will thank you

4. Change Your Eating Habits:  it’s difficult to break certain eating habits and mid-night snacking is one of them. For optimal digestive performance, eat nothing less than 3 hours before bed. Remember! A healthy digestive system= better overall health and gorgeousness.

5. Drink water: water is a natural detoxifier. Cleanse your system by drinking a glass of water just before bed. Also keep a bottle of water close to your bedside at night should you get thirsty during sleep.

6. Daily vitamins: Eating  large quantities of certain foods can greatly improve skin, hair and nails appearance. Some of these foods include Tomatoes, Peppers, Carrots, Avocados, Nuts, Oily Fish, Oats, Cucumbers, Beans etc rich in antioxidants slow down the ageing process. Vitamins supplements can be taken daily to further improve your appearance. Some of these vitamins include B complex, omega 3’s and 6’s, bee pollen, folic acid etc.


Have any more tips you’ll love to share? Please leave a comment below.





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