Are you stuck with short, scanty lashes but prefer the lushness of fuller, longer ones? Then FibreLash Mascaras which fuse both properties of regular mascara and eyelash extensions may be your best bet.

Wondering what FibreLash Mascaras are? Read ahead to stay updated on this new advancement in eye makeup. Related Article: 8 Best FibreLash Mascaras to try

What is FibreLash Mascara?

A FibreLash mascara is a type of mascara that has tiny or micro-fibres (thread like fibres) made from rayon, silk or nylon, which attach to your eyelashes in a process called “transplanting” to make them look much longer and much fuller.


Benefits of Using FibreLash Mascaras?

1. Longer, Fuller eyelashes can be achieve quickly and easily.
2. You do not need to use glue as in the case of false eyelashes, which is not only tedious and time consuming but bad for eye health.
5. Some brands include conditionings and nourishments, which can help, promote the health of your natural eyelashes.

Risks of Using FibreLash Mascaras?

1. Some less expensive brands of lower quality may begin to flake away and end up in wearer’s eyes. To prevent this, be mindful of the particular brand of Fibre Mascaras you purchase.

2. People who wear contact lenses or those easily prone to eye infection need to be extra careful when using Fibre Mascaras.

3. Many people that have tried this product complain about short wear time and difficulty in removal process. However, we think that this problem can also be solved by investing in a good quality brand.

Whether you are interested in trying out this new line of eye products or not, we can all agree that they make for interesting evaluation. All beauty products have their benefits and shortcomings but here is certainly one that the modern day beauty addict should try.


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These sponges are one of the newest beauty tools to hit the scene and from what we know, they are getting really good reviews and ratings.

Well known Beauty blogger, Teni Panosian of (pictured above) swears by this product.


*Eco Tools Pure Complexion Sponge

This product originating from Korea is made from Konjac, a naturally occurring Asian plant and some variations may include bamboo, charcoal, clay, green tea, citrus, peppermint and other natural products.

When dry, the deep cleansing sponge resembles a pumice stone but when soaked in water, it turns squishy and face friendly.


*Japanese Konjac Sponges

How to use the Deep Cleansing Sponge

1. Run Sponge under water till soaking wet.
2. Squeeze out excess moisture and apply favorite facial soap or cleanser to sponge.
3. Use to wash face.

Though these sponges are touted for their natural deep cleansing and exfoliating abilities, some may consider with the durability, hygiene and waste (in terms of facial products) a disadvantage.


Is the deep cleansing facial sponge for you? Please leave your comment below.