CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode Finale


Kaima and Damilare ate from the same plate, the meal wasn’t exquisite but it was delicious. After eating, they washed up their plates and retreated into the bedroom where Kaima retrieved, from her bag, the iPod she carried everywhere with her. She proceeded to lay down beside Damilare who was already enjoying the relaxing feeling of finally being in his bed.

They stared at each other, not speaking, just looking at each other arms overlapping. After what seemed like eternity, Kaima looked down at the iPod, forgotten in her hand. Scrolling through the playlist tagged ‘Happy Songs’ she clicked on the song titled ‘Heaven’s Candlelight’ by DJ Sammy. Smiling shyly, Kaima Removed an ear piece from her ear, and handed it to Damilare while saying:

“I want us to listen to this song. I love it”

They listened to the song over and over again.

Damilare was awestruck by how beautiful Kaima looked even without make up and wondered if he was dreaming. He reached out to rub her back with his hand, reassuring himself that she was indeed there.

“I’m going to show you something soon, I want you to take a look at it and see what we can do with it.” Damilare finally spoke.

“Did you say we?” Kaima asked.
There was a sparkle in her eyes that Damilare had never seen before.

“Yes baby! We.” Damilare replied smiling.

“Alright! Then show me!” Kaima said, barely containing her excitement.

“Baby, I’ll show you soon. But please be patient.” Damilare replied.

“Let me guess, is it a ring?” Kaima asked, pressing further, having no intention of waiting to hear what Damilare had to say.

Damilare shot her the ‘hell in god’s name look’ before reaching down under his bed to bring a business proposal.

“O!” Kaima said slightly disappointed after seeing what he held in his hand.

“Kay, it’s a business proposal that I’ve been working on for quite sometime now. I trust your judgement and want you to have a look at it.” Damilare spoke with all the charm he could muster.

Kaima couldn’t resist and smiled.

“Sure thing, I’ll take a look at.” She replied. Her hand travelled a short distance down Damilare’s back and smacked him playfully on his butt.

“Ouch! What was that for?” He asked grumpily.

Kaima giggled at the look on his face.

When the night grew darker, wrapped in each other’s arms, they slept.






Jones, originally called Jones Nation was founded 2006, in Brooklyn, New York by David Ola-kot. Quickly attracting like-minds, a partnership that officially launched the brand was formed between friends.



Jones aims at creating a lifestyle brand inspired by fashion, culture, art, branding and music through everyday life with global lifestyle brands like BBC, Ralph Lauren as major influences.

With special attention paid to the detail in the richness of the African culture, and fusing them with Western elements, they have create a unique brand both appealing to ethnic and urban tastes.


Under the Jones brand, you’ll find the Music ( Jones season the mixtape (out/ available), Jones lifestyle the EP (coming soon), Fashion (Jones Lifestyle clothing), Photography (7th lab imagery), Entertainment (Events planning and promotion) categories.


For more information on the Jones brand, please visit ​WEBSITE (active soon)

Telephone: +233 (0)261662540
Instagram: official_jonesnation.
Twitter: @joneslifestyle_

CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 25


“Here we are, this is my place.” Damilare announced as he opened the door to his apartment.

Kaima walked in.

Damilare followed, quickly locking the door behind them and turned on the light switch.

Kaima did a quick mental assesment of his apartment. It was small, she thought, but very neat. There was a single bed that could accommodate two people, he had a kitchen which she couldn’t see but was aware because a tag with the word ‘kitchen’ written in black nested on a green door. There was also a small closet which she was sure contained his clothes.

Damilare stepped in front of her knowing what she was doing, he put a hand in front of her and began to move it open and down wanting her to follow the movement of his hand in order to distract her. Kaima’s eyes didn’t follow his hand instead they moved in the opposite direction still taking stock of what was present in his apartment.

“Dre why are you living here?” Kaima asked, concern dripping from her voice.

Damilare cocked his mouth to one side, and then edged closer to his neat bed. He sat down slowly, his hands on his thighs rubbing them in order to relieve himself of the nervous energy that was creeping in.

Kaima came over and sat beside him. She dropped her hand bag to one side of the bed and reached out to touch Damilare’s hand.

Damilare seemed to be trying to find the words to say, where to start, how to explain why he was living in such an apartment when he had well a fairly great job.

“Kay, there is a reason why I’m living in a place like this.” Damilare began his explanation.

“I know there is, and I would love to hear it.” Kaima replied, rubbing his hand.

Damilare continued.

“See that’s the thing Kay, I am not ready to share it just yet.”

Kaima shot him a stare filled with unanswered questions.

Silence reigned for some minutes.

“Why?” Kaima said, voicing her confusion.

“Why what?” Damilare asked. Urging Kaima to be more specific.

“Why don’t you want to tell me why you are living here?” Kaima asked again.

“I’ve been saving up for a new place, Kaima. it’s just you know…..” Damilare’s voice trailed off.

“Know what?” Kaima asked, urging him to go on with his explanation.

Damilare started to get uncomfortable with the third degree questioning. But it was Kaima and so he proceeded with answering her question.

“I have people I take care of Kay. Family. I’m not ready to talk about it, please Kay, when the time is right, I’ll share it with you I promise.” Damilare took her hands and squeezed them lovingly as he looked into her almond eyes.

Kaima sighed as she bobbed her head.

“I’m starving; let me make us something to eat.” Damilare finally said, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had descended between them.

“Sure!” Kaima answered suggestively, as she switched her position from the bed to Damilare’s laps.

“Don’t distract me Kay.” Damilare said half heartedly before kissing her on the lips.

Kaima reluctantly untangled from Damilare embrace, stood up and walked over to his closet where she retrieved a blue round neck shirt and a black boxer.

She sashayed back towards Damilare and asked.


Damilare pointed to a door with the inscription ‘bathroom’ inked in black on a green door that was several inches away from the door tagged ‘kitchen.’

Kaima marched to the door and pulled his towel away from it.

“Give me a few minutes, I’ll be back. And don’t start cooking without me!” She warned.

“Or what?” Damilare asked in a husky voice.

“You’ll have to wait and find out.” Kaima smirked, her eyes aglow with mischief.

As soon as Kaima entered the bathroom, Damilare walked towards his closet and changed into some more comfortable clothes.

Some minutes later, Kaima stepped out of the bathroom wearing Damilare’s blue shirt and black boxer. On the blue round neck shirt, there was a bold inscription written in white ‘I’m a chef.’

“Hmm, I see.” Damilare sighed looking thoughtful, as Kaima rubbed the nape of her neck with his towel.

“You see what?” Kaima asked.

“I thought you said you were a financial analyst?” Damilare asked mockingly as he stood up and walked towards her.

Kaima looked down at the shirt and began to laugh when she noticed what was written on it.

She walked into Damilare as they locked into a warm embrace.

“I’m a financial analyst who is in love with a chef.”

“So what’s for dinner?” Kaima asked.

“You tell me.” Damilare replied smiling.

“Alright before we decide to even cook anything, I want to introduce you to some of my friends.” Damilare announced.

Kaima looked very surprised.

“Really?” Kaima asked, looking puzzled.

Damilare nodded.

He opened his kitchen cabinet and retrieved some kitchen utensils. He put a pot on the gas and said to Kaima;

“This is Joe.” Damilare said.

“Hi Joe.” Kaima said to the pot.

“Joe is my favourite cooking pot, I like him a lot.” Damilare added.

He peered into the cabinet again and said;

“This is Pam.” Pointing to a frying pan.

Kaima offered the frying pan a curt nod.

“Pam as in Pamela?” She asked.

“No, Pam as in Pam.” Damilare replied.

“Okay.” Kaima said still giggling.

“I am glad that you find this amusing.” Damilare said smiling and continued to explain.

“I’m home alone most of the time, so I talk to my kitchen utensils when I get bored. They offer me good company.” He added.

Kaima roared with laughter.

Damilare continued with the introduction, glad to see that she was responding well to the weirdness.

After making all the introductions, he prepared a simple dish of local rice, tomato sauce and fried fish.

……to be continued.

Genre: Nigerian Romance/ Fiction

CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 24


After a hard day’s work, Kaima left the silver building and drove to the Magic Menu Restaurant, practicing how she was going to break the news of her love to Damilare.

Some minutes later she pulled up to the parking lot of the restaurant. Her pulse raced as she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. As soon as she stopped, she retrieved a portable make-up kit from her bag, in it, she carried her beauty essentials; a mirror, a hair brush, powder, and red lipstick. She was excited and anxious as she applied some make up and the red lipstick. Satisfied, she turned off the ignition, stepped out of her car and hid her eyes behind dark Ray Ban sunglasses.

Kaima sashayed towards the entrance of the restaurant, paused, took a deep breath, exhaled then opened the glass doors that connected her to the front desk. Approaching the girl whose name tag read Bisi at the reception, and flashing a radiant smile, she said;

“Hi there.”

“Hello Madam. Are you here to place an order?” The girl at the reception asked smiling.

“No. I am here to see one of your Chefs. Damilare or Chef 26.” Kaima replied, taking off her sunglasses.

“One moment Madam.” The girl at the front desk motioned for her to take a seat in the waiting area.

Kaima promptly sat down in the waiting area she was directed to.

“Chef 26 you have a visitor.” Bisi the receptionist announced to the personnel in the kitchen.

Damilare who was chatting with Ikenna at the time excused himself from the conversation.

“Dude all this visitors you keep having, do you want to share what’s going on?” Ikenna asked partly curious, partly amused.

“Yea, my relatives who live under the sea have decided to start living on land, so they need a tour guide to show them around. I guess one of them is here now.” Damilare replied with a wry grin.

They both laughed.


Kaima was still feeling very nervous waiting for Damilare. Just then, the kitchen door swung open, Kaima’s heart beat raced as Damilare stepped out of the kitchen, his eyes connecting with hers as he marched confidently towards her.

“Hi Kay.” Damilare said smiling, reaching for a hug.

“Hi Dre.” Kaima replied as she stood up to embrace him. She took in his scent as he tore away from her embrace.

“It’s good to see you.” Damilare said.

“Same here.” Kaima tried her best to conceal her nervous energy with a smile.

“Let’s go into the restaurant.” Damilare said. Opening the door to the restaurant and ushering her in.

She followed his lead taking his hand as he navigated their way to a table for two close to a window.

Damilare pulled a chair away from the table playing the part of the gentleman as he allowed her to seat first. Taking a seat opposite hers, he stared directly into her eyes and braced himself for whatever Kaima planned to say.

Silence ensued for some seconds, Kaima who still felt nervous, finally mustered the courage to speak. “

“There is something I want to tell you.” She said.

“Go on I’m listening.” Damilare replied.

Kaima paused, her hands were shaking uncontrollable. This was much harder than she anticipated. Damilare could see she was absorbed in so much nervousness that speaking had suddenly become a very tough task for her.

“Kay, say what you want to say, I’m here, I know you have something you want to get off your chest, you can take it off now, just say it.” Damilare gently reassured her.

Kaima exhaled.

“I can do this; I can do this.” She repeated to herself.

Her gaze was fixed on the table cloth and not Damilare’s face; it was easier to say I love you to the table cloth than to him she thought.

“I…. I…… I……. think, I mean I…. I…..” She stuttered and wondered what was wrong, she kept trying to hit the nail on the head, but instead she succeeded in putting more dents on the wood.

“Dear God this is embarrassing.” Kaima whispered to herself.

“You like me?” Damilare helped her out.

Kaima sat upright and looked at him, surprise etched on her pretty face.

“No, no I don’t like you.” Kaima replied.

“Excuse me! Then why are we here? I am sorry, but I have to return to the kitchen.” Damilare said in a low, hard and disappointed tone.

He stood up and was about to leave when he felt Kaima’s hands on his.

He paused and looked at her.

“Please sit Dre.” Kaima said as the nervous energy she had earlier gave way to calm and composure.

She had to do it now, or else she knew someone else would, and that someone else wasn’t even trying to hide it. It was now or never.

Kaima hands travelled across the table and landed on Damilare’s. She wrapped them with hers, holding it at first, and then squeezing it. She looked into his eyes and said;

“I don’t know what happened; I don’t know why it happened. But the first day I tasted your meal, I sensed there was something special about the person who cooked the meal. I thought you were a woman, but I learnt through Cynthia that you were a man, and I was amazed, I wanted to meet this man who cooked food that lightened my mood and seemed to bless me with boundless energy. Each time I eat your food, I get 3 hours of work done in an hour. Your food has the power to release positive emotions. I spotted a business opportunity, and decided to take it but when I met you in person, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t and still can’t take my mind off you, I kept seeing you everywhere I go; when I am awake and when I am sleeping.”

Damilare was too delighted to say anything.

Kaima continued.

“Then things went sour and I lost everything, I lost Cynthia, I lost you, and I lost me. I couldn’t live with myself, I had to make things right, by getting everything I lost back. I’ve gotten Cynthia back; I’ve gotten a part of me back, so here I am trying to get that other part of me back. You Dre! I’m in love with you Dre and I can’t explain it, I can only feel it in here.”
Kaima tapped her chest to indicate her heart as a tear rolled down her face.

Damilare released his hand from Kaima’s grip and wiped the tear away.

Kaima sniffled then continued pouring out her heart.

“Dre if you’ll be my man,” she paused staring directly into his eyes, “I’ll be your woman every second, every minute, every hour, and every day, forever.” Reconnecting her right hand with his and squeezing them tightly.

Damilare was too stunned to speak. Now, he was the one looking nervous, his composed demeanour was gone, only to be replaced by the nervous energy that was coursing through Kaima some minutes ago.

He dropped his head, lost in his own thoughts then raised it up again without meeting Kaima’s eyes. He looked out the window, suddenly finding the environment around them more interesting.

Kaima sensed that maybe he wasn’t ready for this and decided that she might have to give him some time to think about. She knew he liked her, she had heard his open confession from Lola’s phone recording. She knew that she was out of his league, but Lola was right, if he was placed in the right environment, he would excel.

“Dre if you are not ready yet to start ‘this’ motioning to him and her using her finger in a back and forth movement. I can walk away now.” Kaima said desperately seeking affirmation.

Damilare returned his attention to the table, there were tears in his eyes too.

Kaima looked puzzled.

She didn’t understand what the tears in his eyes were for. He wasn’t the one doing the asking out, so why were there tears in his eyes she thought. A few tears strolled away from his face; he had something to say to.

“Me too.” Damilare finally said. His voice barely audible.

Kaima didn’t hear him clearly.

“What did you say?” She asked.

“The feeling is mutual, I’m in love with you too, and I’m ready for ‘This’.” He said, mimicking the back and forth finger motion she had done earlier.

Kaima let out a hearty smile.

Damilare grabbed her hands and squeezed it gently.

For the first time in a long time, Kaima felt whole. ”

“Why don’t i drop you off? Make your journey less stressful?” Kaima asked Damilare.

“Really! That’ll be great. Let me sign out, I’m done for today.” Damilare said, releasing her hands and disappearing momentarily.

Minutes later, they were out of the restaurant. Marching hand in hand towards Kaima’s car.

Kaima turned on the ignition and manoeuvred her Toyota Camry out of the parking lot and drove out.

As soon as they got to Oshodi bus stop, Damilare thanked Kaima for helping him out.

“Why don’t i drop you off at your house?” Kaima asked.

Damilare looked at her as if she was suddenly mad.

“No way Kay! My place is too far from yours. Besides, there’ll be traffic there by this time of the day, what time will you get home? It’s 8pm already.” He said.

Kaima smiled.

“Don’t worry honey; I know that. I plan to spend the night at yours.” She added with a girlish grin.

Damilare grinned back.

… be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/Fiction

Do you think Kaima’s going home to Damilare’s after her big reveal was a wise decision? We would love to see what you think.



Ladies hold the two top spots on the merit table ahead of this weekend’s last leg (the merged penultimate and final rounds) of Nigeria’s inaugural Johnnie Walker Blue Label Golf Challenge Lagos, at premier golf course, Lakowe Golf Estate, 6 September 2014.


Frontrunner, Maureen Reece will join fellow female golfer, Roxanne Dolhain(currently in second place) and their male counterpart, Lee Pape (in the third) to compete against West Africa’s foremost amateur golfers for the first-ever JWBL Golf Challenge Blazer and an invitation to attend the esteemed Ryder Cup tournament at the Gleneagles Resort in Perthshire, Scotland, as the personal guest of Johnnie Walker in September.

“It is a great honour to provide such talented male and female golfers with a platform on which to compete with one another, and so contribute to all-important efforts to promote equality in sports both locally and around the world,” says Mr Joe Nazzal, Head of Reserve Nigeria.


Successful businessperson and fashion designer with a 16 handicap, Nigerian native Maureen Reece has racked up 86 Stapleford points on the Merit Table thus far, and will bring decades of experience to the course, having begun her golfing career at Ikoyi Club 1938 over 20 years ago.


Five shots behind Reece and, with a handicap of 24, Dutch-born, ten-year golfing veteran and business owner, Roxanne Dolhain is sure to have a competitive edge owing to her familiarity with the green for the event, Lakowe Golf Estate.

Equalling Dolhain’s 81 points, Lee Pape will start the final leg ranking third on the Merit Table. The Briton, who now resides in Nigeria and works for an international oil and gas company, has the most experience under his belt since he first took up the sport 30 years ago in Aberdeen, Scotland.


With Nigeria now part of an exclusive club, in associating with the Ryder Cup, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Golf Challenge Lagos at the magnificent Lakowe Golf Estate promises an iconic sporting event that is set to become a classic in years to come, introducing its players to the world as Africa’s finest sportsmen and -women.

CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 23


Kaima walked to the elevator and took a long look down the corridor, hoping that Cynthia would come out, but she didn’t. As soon as she reached the elevator, she got in and pressed the button that led to the ground floor.

Cynthia didn’t feel right, she wasn’t the unforgiving type.

“This is so not me. I can’t do this! I can’t live like this!” She said to herself, while unlocking the door and stepping out to finally face Kaima. Kaima was gone.

She heard the elevator doors opening, and ran towards it.

“Wait Kay! Wait!” Cynthia screamed. There was no response.

“What have I done?!” Cynthia said to herself sadly before looking up to notice the slight figure of her friend standing in front of her.

A gulf of understanding, bare of any words drew them together in a long hug that lasted a few minutes, before Kaima finally spoke.

“I am a terrible person Cyndy, I’m so sorry.” Kaima said crying.

“No Kay. You’re a good person. Things just went horribly wrong.” Cynthia replied.

“No I’m not.” Kaima said. Her usual stiff posture heavy with remorse.

“Stop it Kay!” Cynthia rebuked her.

Kaima tore away from the embrace and placed her hands on Cynthia’s shoulders.

“I am truly sorry for the hurt I caused you.” Kaima said.

“I have forgiven you Kaima. Can we go in now so you stop embarrassing us both. Cynthia said jokingly in the bid to lighten the mood.

When they settled in, Cynthia brought a fluffy towel for Kaima to wrap herself in and poured some alcohol for them to enjoy.

“Cynthia! When did you start drinking?” Kaima asked with a puzzled stare.

“Taaaday!” Cynthia said in an over emphasized British accent.

Kaima reeled with laughter.

After toasting to their recent reunion, they both sipped their alcohol which was an added source of warmth for Kaima.

“I was actually thinking about taking a vacation before you arrived.” Cynthia said casually and laughed at the look of horror on Kaima’s face.

“Whhhh..aa….ttt…” Kaima couldn’t find the words to express her disappointment.

“Yeah. I was planning on going to Canada to visit Sam. But don’t worry hun, that’s off the table for now.” Cynthia replied while smiling kindly at Kaima.

“Phew! You definitely got me scared on that one. Who’s going to keep me company in this wretched city?!” Kaima added with her demeanor visibly brightening at Cynthia’s new revelation.

“What about Dre? He can keep you company. Or haven’t you spoken with him yet?” Cynthia asked suspiciously.

“About that…..” Kaima’s voice trailed off again.

“What are you waiting for? You need to tell him how you feel.” Cynthia filled in quickly.

“I will, I promise. I just need a little time.” Kaima replied placing a hand on her forehead.

“When is the right time Kay?” Cynthia pressed, switching into detective mode.

Kaima found this side to Cynthia slightly irritating but she was happy to have her best friend back.

“I’ll tell him tomorrow.” Kaima finally replied.

“Good.” Cynthia said.


At dawn, Kaima took a hurried shower and borrowed some of Cynthia’s clothes as she had decided to stay over. Her wet clothes were still in the dryer.

Cynthia reminded her to speak with Damilare as she hurriedly left the apartment for work and promised to.

When Kaima got to her office, she looked bright and spritely. Chorusing a merry good morning to her secretary while asking her how her night went.

Nkechi was taken aback; she checked side ways to make sure Kaima wasn’t talking to someone else. There was no one else present.

“My night was great, and yours?” Nkechi answered.

“Absolutely Fantastic!” Kaima replied with a dazzling smile.

Nkechi wondered what had come over her boss. Through out the previous weeks, Kaima rarely smiled or spoke to her. Today was different. Maybe it was the dress, maybe it was the flat sole shoes, or maybe it was the air which was scented in a farrago of strawberry and orange air freshener, she mused.

Later that day, Kaima placed an order for lunch and specifically asked that it be for two. An hour later, her secretary bumbled into her office, with two lunch packs from the Magic Menu Restaurant. Kaima took one and handed the other to her secretary, Nkechi.

Nkechi looked puzzled.

“What would you like me to do with the other one? She asked while looking at Kaima as if she had suddenly sprouted a second head.

“Eat it. I bought it for you.” Kaima replied softly.

Nkechi’s jaw slackened with surprise before replying. “Ah! Thank you Madam. God bless you Ma.”

“You’re welcome. Now run along; I have some work to do.” Kaima replied.

Nkechi nodded and disappeared.

When Nkechi opened the lunch pack, the aroma from the pack hit her hard. The food smelled good, but wasn’t convinced about the taste yet. Doubting if the food tasted as good as it smelled, she scooped a spoonful of chicken salad with peppered meat balls and coconut rice. Her countenance lit up as soon as the food touched her lips.

“Oh boy!” She exclaimed this food is great.


Damilare was in the kitchen of the magic menu restaurant his attention focused on a frying pan as he worked his magic, covering the whole kitchen in a blanket of sweet smelling aroma, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He reached into his pocket to retrieve his cell-phone. Without looking at the identity of the caller, he picked the call and said;

“Hi can I call you back, I’m very busy right now.”

“Hi Dre.” Said the voice at the other end of the line.

Damilare was stunned, he recognised the voice. Slowly he eased his hands off the handle of the frying pan and turned off the gas cooker. Damilare had missed this voice.

“Hi Kay.” He replied with a school boy grin.

“Please could you wait for me after closing hours? I would love to see you.” Kaima asked.

“We have new business?” Damilare asked as he began to pace aimlessly around the kitchen with his free hand in his pocket, still wearing the school boy grin.

“No Dre, It’s personal business.” Kaima replied.

“I’ll wait for you.” Damilare squeaked, trying hard not to
sound too excited.

“Thank you.” Kaima said before the line went dead.

……to be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/Fiction



On August 6th, 2014, history was made in the USA when Nigeria’s Stars on Earth Dance Crew, climbed the stage at the 2014 World Hip
Hop Dance Championship, at the prestigious Red Rock Resort and Casino, in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.

For the first time since its inception 13 years ago, Nigeria finally joined South Africa and Zimbabwe as the three African countries with representatives at the world’s most celebrated dance event.

For six days, over three thousand five hundred of the world’s best dancers came together in the Sin City for the 2014 World Hip Hop Dance Championship, an event true to the real values of hip hop culture. Crews and MegaCrews from forty seven nations competed to capture the world title and international bragging rights in the presence of hip hop icons, artists and celebrities.

Hip Hop International founded in 2002 and based in Los Angeles is the producer of multiple live and televised street dance competitions. Among them are MTV’s Randy Jackson presents America’s Best Dance Crew, the USA Hip Hop Dance Championship, the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, the World Battles and Urban Moves Dance Workshops. Hip Hop International is recognized in more than 100 countries by its broadcasts on many international networks.

Coming out after a great opening with Davido’s Skelewu by Ukraine representatives, Stars on Earth, the winners of the maiden edition of the Nigerian Hip Hop Dance Championship, held at the Sports Hall of the University of Lagos in May 2014, dazzled the international audience with their intermix of Nigerian and international hip hop moves.


The unique choreography by Michael ‘Grey’ Oseghale earned Stars on Earth a standing ovation by Hip Hop International’s founder, and the executive producer of “America’s Best Dance Crew’ of MTV fame, Howard Schwartz. Schwartz expressed his gratitude to MindStream Media for sponsoring the crew to the Olympics of Hip Hop Dance and prayed that they will get the much needed support to send more teams from Nigeria to the championship in the nearest future.

Hip Hop International is represented by official licensees throughout the world who respect the origins of hip hop and who conduct their events and competitions under the auspices of Hip Hop International and who qualify street dancers and dance crews to represent their country in Hip Hop International’s World Hip Hop Dance Championship and World Battles: Bboy, Popping, Locking and All Styles.
According to the Country Manager, Hip Hop International Nigeria (HHIN), Fola Said, the Nigerian contingent was led by the Country Director (HHIN), Ademola Andrew Owolabi and the Director, Diaspora Operations of MindStream Media, operators of AMC TV on the StarTimes Network, Obafemi Obayemi.

Before departing for Lagos, the crew attended Urban Move Workshops led by renowned hip hop dance icons Parris Goebel, Popin Pete, Brian Puspos, Ian Eastwood and Shaun Evaristo. Stars on Earth also had the opportunity to watch a live performance by the legendary Jabbawockeez and toured Sin City’s landmarks such as Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay and MGM on the famous Las Vegas Strip.
The team returned to Lagos on August 12, 2014 and was met by officials of the sponsors and their colleagues from the Society for Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN).


The qualifiers for the 2015 edition of the Nigerian Hip Hop Dance Championship will commence with a workshop in Lagos to be hosted by HHI’s Technical Director, Ian Levia in January 2015. The workshop will offer the complete and official analysis of the HHI rules and judging procedures. The one day course will include the history of street dance, demonstration of the styles and a video review featuring expert evaluation and scoring of routines from past world championships. Dancers, crew members, crew leaders, choreographers, studio owner, future judges or anyone interested in street dance and hip hop competition are encouraged to attend the workshop.
The qualifiers will be held in Benin, Abuja and Lagos in March 2015, while the finals will be held in Lagos in April 2015.

Fola Said reiterated the commitment of HHIN to foster unity among Nigerian youths through hip hop dance and solicited for corporate sponsors to support the movement to put Nigerian dance on the world stage, like they did for music and movies.

Fola Said, Mindstream Media
+234 802 380 9501 | +234 817 948 8266