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A silk press is simply a temporal hair straightening process which requires blow drying hair in sections before going over with a flat iron (preferably Chi or Ceramic) for a smooth even finish. Products specifically designed for ‘silk’ straightening (usually indicated on label) must also be used.

This process is believed to yield best results especially when straightening naturally curly, coily and kinky hair with little or no damage while leaving the hair light and bouncy instead of weighed down and oily like traditional press systems.

Despite the overall safeness of this method, many curly haired women have suffered heat damage through this process as they neglected certain steps during the straightening process.

Want to prevent heat damage during straightening process? Here are 5 steps to follow:


Ensure that hair is properly clarified, conditioned, detangled and moisturized before embarking on the silk straightening process.

Out of Clarifying shampoo? Apple Cider Vinegar or Baking Soda mixed with water are cheap and effective methods to clarify hair after shampooing.


For extra dry hair, try deep conditioning hair for 15-20 mins before beginning the straightening process, as properly conditioned hair is less likely to suffer heat damage.


Products specifically created for the silk straightening process must be used for maximum results. Related Article: 5 Best Temporary Hair Straightening Products For Curly Girls


*Recommended: (From left- right) Chi Silk Infusion, Bio-Silk Silk Therapy and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.


*Based on readers reviews (left-right) Supersilk Professional Fortified Silk Amino Acid Professional Smoothing Solution and Supersilk Professional Silk Amino Acid Professional Solution


Don’t forget heat protectant serums and sprays.

No heat protectant serum? Try light weight natural products such as Shea butter, Jojoba and Coconut which contain heat protecting properties.



Visit a hair salon or seek the services of a professional when trying out this process to avoid preventable damage to your hair.

Why do this?

Hair stylists are better experienced with the different hair types and textures, heat and product requirements and would most likely know what’s best for yours.

Have you tried the Silk press method? Do do you have any other tips on how to prevent heat damage to natural hair?


  1. I live in Tucson AZ , I have been to two hair styles out her and either one of them knew how to do black hair. With the first one she had me use some oil on my hair that she made up in her own kitchen, said it would make my hair grow. That stuff had my scalp on fire and burnt the leather off my leather chair. The second person chargedoes me 85 bucks for a due that just lasted until I walked to my car and it was gone, plus every time I saw him he wanted to cut my hair, just when it was starting to grow and look good. So now I do it myself . I went to Atlanta and my niece introduced me to chi and bio silk . I have been using it for about 8 months now . My hair feels and looks great. But it still will not grow and I can not keep the edges straight for nothing. Do you have any tips for that?


    • Hi Sheila. I do not find the CHI Silk Infusion to be 100% perfect and has it’s flaws like any other beauty product. Have you tried sleeking back your edges with an organic gel and wrapping it up before you sleep? Works well for some people.

      Also , I do not post on this blog anymore, so please feel free to check out my newest articles at http://losbeauty.com.


  2. I thought you could not use an oil before heat. I read somewhere it would fry the hair. I was doing this method for awhile and stopped. I thought maybe that’s why I’m not retaining length. I’ve been collar bone a long time now. So now I use actual heat protectant. But I liked applying my natural oil before flat ironing.


  3. I like this post so much , it has given me a bulk of info on silk press which i want to start doing for cash , the products products are quite pricy, is there a way I can get alternative because I live in Nigeria these products can be very scarce


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