**Do you want to look like this? Please discontinue reading this article by all means.

I thought I had seen it all until I was introduced to this last week. Apparently the latest fashion/fitness/cosmetic craze is the “waist cincher” (sounds like the name they could have given to a medieval torture tool used in the spanish inquisition to torture witches).

Unsurprisingly, celebrities with questionable credibilities such as Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Holly Deacon amongst others gushing about it’s “miracle working” capabilities.

Here’s the thing, this “waist cincher”, as I understand it, is a corset that tightens around the waist and supposedly “trains” your waist into a smaller shape, emphasises your hips and create that craved hourglass figure- the dream of every some women.


As much As I would like to
get into the medical implications of wearing this so-called implement, I will keep this post strictly based on my view as a heterosexual guy.

First off, guys (and I speak for many guys out there) are already weirded out by the numerous things ladies do for beauty. From wearing false eyelashes, to eyelash curlers and everything in-between. Truly amazing!But to be honest, this waist cincher/ corset craze has taken the weirdness to a whole new level.

Why the obsession with thin waists?

I partly blame Disney. With their picture perfect characters in Sleeping Beauty, to Snow White, Beauty in Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, blessed with unrealistically perfect looks and ridiculously small waists and subsequent happy ever afters. Young girls are given the notion that they can only be beautiful if they appear to have bountiful bosoms balanced on waif-like waists with shapely bottoms.

This just me but I also think it smacks of laziness. There are exercises that would produce the hourglass effect without going through the self inflicted strangling.

Love yourself!

Not everyone is going to look like Barbie, that’s a fact; women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and women I can confidently tell you that we men love THEM ALL. Whether you’re shaped like a pear, a half eaten apple, a pineapple or you’re as flat as a damn ironing table.

Case in point: look at the amount of men who would do ANYTHING to sleep with one of the many anorexic models that strut the runways.

There’s another reason why God made women with ample waists and hips. Childbearing. When a woman gets pregnant and the child gets closer to delivery, her hips expand. That’s just natural. God knew you’d be pushing out another human through those hips so He designed those hips to expand, and thus the waist too. Now when you’ve gone and compressed everything because you want to look like Amber Rose, theoretically there might be complications.


History Lesson

Corsets aren’t new, just like most other things. They were here in the victorian times and they suffocated women just as much then, went out for a while and have been resurrected again. In fact the corsets of that era where probably worse seeing as they were largely made out of metal, not the composite fabric of this generation.

Guys Aren’t Always Fooled

Besides these days, boys can spot all the various enhancements you ladies pad yourselves with from a mile away; from the push up bras to the buttock pads, to the boob pads to the fake eyelashes to the tight waist bands to keep your bellies in, etc. And we still go in or back off when we want to.

But then it’ll also be wrong for me to assume that ladies do some of these things just to get the men, there are those who do it to look good for themselves; well, carry on then. Again each to their own.

Ariel Ugorji




This evening I was at the barbershop getting a haircut and as it seems to be the tradition at barbershops personal stories were being shared. This time the running story was about the barber’s own love life. Apparently he had just broken up with his girlfriend or rather she had just broken up with him because she thought he was cheating.

Ok, so I’ve known this guy for quite a while and while I cannot confirm or deny that he cheated I can say he has a lot of female friends. A lot. He’s funny, witty and flirts quite well.

In his own words, what was even more disappointing was the fact that THIS time he wasn’t even guilty of cheating! The other times he had ACTUALLY messed around she hadn’t even known. And even more importantly, it wasn’t so long ago that he had had to forgive her for sleeping with another guy on the side.

Now before you go all “it’s all he said, she said” on me, I know. It’s largely hearsay, and I haven’t heard the girl’s side of the story. But this is not a court of law.


**( Salons such as barbershops and beauty shops are seen as a safe haven for individuals to air and share their views in culturally rich societies.)

My haircut took longer than normal because of his breaks while narrating his story and while he talked I asked myself the same question I’ve always asked when I hear such tales.
Why? Why would you be in a relationship and cheat instead of just ending it if you’re done? It’s a naïve question right? I know. But none of the answers I’ve ever received have made any sense to me. And that’s without even bringing in my christian background.

Is it because of boredom? You get bored with being with one person? Then remain single for pete’s sake! Be a serial monogamist if you must date, keep them short and simple if you don’t want a long “drawn out thing” and move on. Don’t have a girl or a guy you call your girlfriend or boyfriend who’s always wondering who you’re with at any point in time. That doesn’t exactly scream trust now does it?

For some of us it’s not about boredom, we just want options. Like a DSTV subscriber on the premium bouquet, we want it all. It’s selfish. I bet YOU won’t feel so good if you found out your boyfriend/girlfriend wasn’t satisfied with having just you and he/she went out and found options to you. That would suck epically wouldn’t it?


For some others, it’s the thrill of danger. Riding the fine line of being found out. It’s not the sex, nor are they particularly interested in a relationship; they get high off the risk of getting caught.

For yet some of us, it’s about insurance. You know, when you’re not so sure where your present relationship is headed and you start another one “on the side” so you could be on the safe side. Just in case.

I can actually empathise with this, especially in the case of my ladies, because we guys can be an indecisive lot and we make forward-planning for the ladies difficult. Still, two wrongs don’t make a right. If the relationship is heading nowhere, end it. If you’re not sure where it’s heading, find out.

I came across a quote that encapsulates my feelings on this issue.

If you’re in love with two people, end the relationship with the first one because if you really loved the first, you wouldn’t be in love with the second.

Here’s a stream of logic; if as a guy you’re married or in a relationship and you’re cheating on your wife or girl thus ending the relationship; what makes you think your present squeeze isn’t going to cheat on you? Or you think your “game” is locked tight? Some other guy isn’t capable of turning your babe’s head? Same applies to the ladies.

What makes you think some other lady who is hotter than you, has Kim Kardashian specifications, is probably crazier in bed than you are, whose prowess in the kitchen is sous chef level, isn’t going to snatch your man? You didn’t exactly play fair to get him now did you?

I read a study once in school that said the chances of a marriage surviving dropped 25% after each marriage. So if you were married the second time, chances of it surviving where 75%, the third time 50% and so on. That makes for some grim reading doesn’t it? That said, the focus of this article is the unmarried.


The heart wants what the heart wants

This quote is most frequently thrown around. A quote that infuriates me to no end because it smacks of egocentric narcissism. More often than not, what the heart wants does not and should not belong to it. Nor should such want be satisfied. But we chase what the heart wants because it feels sooo good it couldn’t possibly be wrong; trampling on other people’s feelings in the process.

This is just me but cheating is illogical. The numbers say cheating rarely ever ends well. Not to mention it’s incredibly selfish and hurtful. It’s not something you do to anyone you care about.

Ariel Ugorji

Ariel Ugorji identifies himself as a mild insomniac, geek, nerd, an audiophile, an avid music lover, Liverpool Fan and an unashamed Christian; with more often than not a completely different point of view on the world and a love for sensible arguments. He Resides in Warri, Nigeria; the land of the sharp and the brave.

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Oh she broke the internet alright. The same way she broke it in 2007 with her sextape; broke it consistently with “Keeping up with the Kardashians”; broke it with her relationship with and marriage to rap superstar Kanye West; and she’s gone and done it again (effortlessly as she always does) on the cover of PAPERMAG.

I first got wind of the story in an article on Entertainment Weekly, then Piers Morgan did a whole piece on her in the Daily Mail. When I read that Kim K had balanced a champagne glass on her derriere in one of the photographs from the shoot; well most red blooded males would find it hard to pass on the opportunity to see THAT. And I didn’t. It was…how do I put this?……fascinating! Even more fascinating and, forming my focus for today, is the vitriol she received by virtue of her latest “offering”.

She’s been called a slut, a wh**e, a bad mother amongst a few other more colourful adjectives.

To be honest, I like Kim, like most males, I think she’s breathtakingly gorgeous. But I’ll also be honest and admit that I agreed with the popular notion that she “lacked any talent”.


Every now and then, I sit down to watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, probably the only reality TV show I’ve ever watched, and I always asked myself; exactly what is it about this lady or the show that has made it such a huge hit? Kim doesn’t act, doesn’t sing, she isn’t some intellectual genius who has won or is close to winning the Nobel prize. “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is just a show about a rich family living out their “mundane” lives, a family whose “problems” I most times, can’t identify with; But she’s filthy rich, immensely famous, a role model to tens of millions and a global fashion icon.

And then it dawned on me, Kim IS talented. Her entire empire is built on her image physical and otherwise, good and/or bad and my goodness has she milked it! She’s the reigning queen of instagram, and a selfie with Kim is worth WAY more than any amounts of autographs; social media has huge economic gravitas and Kim is up there with the best at maximising it with her millions of followers on all the platforms. Fragrances, endorsements, a fashion line, and all the tv shows have all built up to a net worth of about $45m as at May 2014. Not bad for a lady who’s apparently got no talent eh?

That a lady who hit the mainstream off a sextape, went through a protracted messy public divorce, is repeatedly called names; can build an empire off all that and still be a role model to millions takes TALENT. A gift.

As to why her and hers’ show is a hit, this is my summation. Fantasy. She’s the living embodiment of who most girls want to be, and the living breathing evidence of most young men’s fantasies. And sometimes, people find it difficult to reconcile that she has made herself who she is without having a readily recognisable “talent”, without having to apparently “hustle” the way the rest of us mortals have had to do, and so there a bit of bitterness.


This whole piece isn’t a tribute to Kim Kardashian. It’s my way of saying not everybody is going to be a Nobel Prize winner, an Einstein; or a hiphop mogul like Jay Z; a movie superstar like Jennifer Aniston; a finance whiz like Warren Buffet; or a techno geek like Bill Gates. As cliché as it sounds, it’s a case of making lemonade out of lemons.

Using the little you have and making the best of it; leaving whatever past you had behind and moving on to the next one ( I borrowed a Jay Z line there in case you didn’t notice).

I never thought I’d ever say this. EVER. But If she ever does read this, Kim’s got a new fan to add to the millions she already has. Not because of THAT behind. But because of what she represents to me; seeing in yourself what nobody else sees and maximising your potential.

Ariel Ugorji

Ariel Ugorji identifies himself as a mild insomniac, geek, nerd, an audiophile, an avid music lover, Liverpool Fan and an unashamed Christian; with more often than not a completely different point of view on the world and a love for sensible arguments. He Resides in Warri, Nigeria; the land of the sharp and the brave.

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In high school, I had this physics teacher who loved to take a crack at the girls in the class. He had a favourite phrase he used which riled the girls was;

Women are a necessary evil.

He’d say it with a gleam in his eyes and sure enough, the girls, though young felt quite insulted and never hid this fact. In hindsight, I would probably say he was slightly misogynistic.

However, there was something he did in one of his classes that stuck with me and is going to be the topic of discussion for today. He asked the class, or more specifically the ladies if any of them would be a housewife. Cue no hands. Why? Well, nobody wanted to be a housewife! They all wanted to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, fashion designers, governors’ and presidents’ wives, but no one; NOT ONE wanted to be a housewife.


One of the very first articles I wrote for this column was “For the W.A.Gs (Wives and Girlfriends)” where I mused about what guys looked for in a girlfriend and/or wife (as the case may be), and I never mentioned anything about the housewife. I will be addressing that now.

This question my teacher posed was way back in 2004 and it’s a mentality that has become reality over the years. I find it very amusing the vehement reactions I get from ladies when one raises the idea of being a housewife, like it’s something demeaning; most of whom have mothers that are/were themselves housewives! And I asked myself why are the ladies of my generation so abhorred at the idea of being housewives?

Who is a Housewife?

A housewife is a woman whose main occupation is running or managing her family’s home—caring for and educating her children, cooking and storing food, buying goods the family needs in day-to-day life, cleaning and maintaining the home, making clothes for the family, etc.—and who is generally not employed outside the home.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary; “A housewife is a married woman who is in charge of her household.”


Oftentimes, the term housewife is used in contrast with that of “career woman”. And the impression I have gotten seems to be that housewives are either lazy, or lack ambition, or are generally leeching gossips who do nothing all day but sit at home and mooch off their husbands. (The rise of Tv shows, both fictional and reality haven’t particularly helped this opinion.)

I beg to disagree with this widespread opinion because I believe that housewives work just as hard as many “CAREER” women.


In fact, some feminists, and non-feminist economists (particularly proponents of historical materialism) note that the value of housewives’ work is ignored in standard formulations of economic output, such as GDP or employment figures. Housewives work many unrecorded hours a week, while depending for money on their husband’s or partner’s employment.

I’m a teacher and I have to handle eighteen 8-9 year olds every day from eight in the morning till four in the evening when I leave work and then I am EXHAUSTED. Sometimes I come home and collapse into a self induced coma because of exhaustion. Now imagine a woman who cooks, cleans, does the laundry, runs household errands, takes care of her husband and STILL has to handle 2 or 3 kids of her own; feeding them, clothing them, attending to each child’s peculiarities and whims etc. Ladies and gentlemen THAT is a JOB!


A housewife doesn’t get paid; probably gets underestimated a lot by her husband and kids and people like you and I who don’t think she’s got anything to do with her life; It’s probably not as glamorous, or as spiffy but its rewards are beyond monetary, and beyond statutory. And like any other occupation, there are those who excel at it as well as those who are terrible at it.

I understand that in this era it’s very difficult to find a family where only the man brings in the money, what with spiralling costs of living etc. But we will be remiss when we begin to look down on those who choose to stay home and be homemakers simply because they are not career women.

A Little Thank You…

I just found out that my blog passed the 500 hit(s) mark and I’ve been blown over. I honestly never thought it would ever reach this stage. It might not seem like a big deal to some, but I’m a firm believer in gratitude for the little things.

I would like to say a big thank you to God; Vivian, editor of this column and you wonderful people who have actually read and still read my rants!

Ariel Ugorji

Ariel Ugorji identifies himself as a mild insomniac, geek, nerd, an audiophile, an avid music lover, Liverpool Fan and an unashamed Christian; with more often than not a completely different point of view on the world and a love for sensible arguments. He Resides in Warri, Nigeria; the land of the sharp and the brave.

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Very recently I was feeling very self importance so I decided to take a look at my blog and you know, just generally read through my posts. Soon enough, I got to the “Friend Zone” post and I thought I should revisit it here with some fresh thoughts.

We all know what the friend zone is, for those who don’t; friend zone refers to a platonic relationship wherein one person, most commonly a man, wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship, while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable and/or dreaded situation by the lovelorn person.

According to psychologists, the man in a cross-gender friendship is more likely to be attracted to his woman friend than she is to him, and he is more likely to overestimate her sexual interest in a romantic relationship.(Culled from Wikipedia)


To put in simple terms, you’ve become friend zoned when the subject of your affection has decided you’re just a friend and no longer a dating option. You become this complete non sexual entity in their eyes, like a sibling or a lamp.

For those who read my posts, you’ll know I approached the whole concept from a completely different angle. How you know, at some point everybody is in every other person’s friend zone. And wait for it…being in the friend zone might not be such a bad thing.

Interestingly, I came across a few prominent feminist bloggers who have characterised the “friend zone” concept as misogynistic; saying that the friend zone concept implies that if a woman and a man have a platonic friendship and the man becomes romantically attracted to the woman, then the woman has a duty to return his affection. A woman who does not return her “nice guy” male friend’s affection is viewed negatively or seen to be at fault.


Here I firmly disagree. Why? Because I have PLENTY guy friends who have “friend zoned” ladies. It’s not a concept that “afflicts” only guys. Boys “friend-zone girls” just as much as girls do (in my opinion). In fact, some of the times you ladies characterize the guy as being “afraid of relationships”, “afraid of commitment”, or “emotionally distant”; he’s only interested in being friends, he’s probably just NOT-THAT INTO-YOU. You’ve been friend-ed. Plus, you should never feel obligated to reciprocate romantic feelings to a friend for whom you have none.

Expert Advice

If you truly care about that friend you are about to place so firmly in the friend zone, the least you could do is not ignore them, talk about it. Get the elephant in the room out of the room. Period!


I will probably going to get into trouble with the feminist types for what I’m about to say but I’m going to say it anyway because I’ve just about had it.

I have a problem with women driving!!!

There, I said it! Now before you unleash the claws, please hear me out. Maybe it’s just been my particularly bad luck, but I’ve been scared to within an inch of my life on the road while driving more times by women than men. Related Article: Women Are Terrible Drivers

Are there good women drivers? Oh yes there are, but the majority I’ve been unfortunate to come across seem to have street racer+danfo aka bus driver mentalities. And when they’ve just hit me or run me off the road or just generally scared the wits out of me, they give me this look like don’t I know they’re women? Or they go ahead and call their husbands, like the man is going to leave work to come beat me up.

In lagos I literally saw bus drivers avoid cars they knew where driven by women. ( A strange sight because these bus drivers are the roughest of the lot.)

That being said, I’ve never believed women are the “weaker sex”, more like the “craftier sex” in my opinion.
And please ladies, you have got nothing to prove. Just drive. Sanely.

Ariel Ugorji

Ariel Ugorji identifies himself as a mild insomniac, geek, nerd, an audiophile, an avid music lover, Liverpool Fan and an unashamed Christian; with more often than not a completely different point of view on the world and a love for sensible arguments. He Resides in Warri, Nigeria; the land of the sharp and the brave.

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Two weeks ago I was in Lagos and stayed with a friend for about a week. Oh the joy! It felt like homecoming.
As soon as the bus drove through Berger, to Ojota, to Ikorodu road, turned off and headed to Oshodi, I knew I was home. Forget Warri, forget Delta state. This was it right here, home is where the heart is and my heart is in Lagos.


I missed the black pungent smell of smoke from the bad engines of the huge buses, the press of bodies during rush hour, the abominably long and damnable traffic jams, the weed-smoking gin-drinking wild red-eyed rambunctious bus drivers and their conductors, the manically impatient passengers, the epileptic (on the best of days) power supply, the hawkers selling gala and Lacasera in the traffic jams (see those kids run after buses to collect their money, forget Usain Bolt, we got world champions right there). Ah! Paradise! Weird, I know right? But I missed it and for the one week I was there I savoured. Enjoyed it.


Enjoyed jumping up and down from okadas to move around satellite town; enjoyed laughing with my friend and other passengers at a sizeable lady who took up the space meant for two and a half people on the bus (shame on me for laughing at fat people? You should have been there to see the way people scampered away to let her have the seat to herself, and I dare you not to laugh); enjoyed going out to watch Liverpool play with the guys, etc. But after a week, I had to return home to Warri and believe me I didn’t mind, why? because as much as I love Lagos, the stress aged me. But I’ll be back.

Lasgidi I hail thee!


You thought it was over right? Lol. It’s not, at least not quite yet.

I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with the new slangs we come up with these days. I first heard “Bae” in a tepid Jeremih song very early this year or late last year, it was quite unremarkable so I promptly forgot about it. Then all of a sudden the thing exploded. I started hearing and seeing “Bae” everywhere. On twitter, facebook, in my BBM chats people used it when chatting with me. It was ridiculous. Even more ridiculous for me was that I had no idea what it meant. Because context wise I had heard it used for a variety of different meanings; Bae : Girlfriend, Bae : Boyfriend, Bae : Bestfriend, Bae: Babe, Bae: Crib etc. In fact I have a musician friend on twitter who once called her boyfriend “The Bae”!

So, I decided to consult wise old google, and lo and behold the very first result I saw was that “Bae” is an actual word! Danish in fact and it simply means “poop”. Shit. Feaces. Excrement. You get the idea. Hmmm.

As you can imagine, armed with this knowledge I have promptly jumped on the “Bae” bandwagon, and I’ve been “Baeing” people since then.
So if I “Bae” you on twitter, facebook or BBM, believe me I’m not being cute.

Ariel Ugorji

Ariel Ugorji identifies himself as a mild insomniac, geek, nerd, an audiophile, an avid music lover, Liverpool Fan and an unashamed Christian; with more often than not a completely different point of view on the world and a love for sensible arguments. He Resides in Warri, Nigeria; the land of the sharp and the brave.

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Once upon a time, it was cool to labelled with that phrase. These days it’s said with derision. “Move with the times” they tell you. “The old ways of thinking don’t apply anymore” is the common refrain.

Here’s the thing, I’m old fashioned. And still as “new school” as most folks of my generation. Let me give an example; I was exposed to music at a very young age, old school music. My parents being christians raised us listening to Andrae Crouch, Keith Green, Maranatha! Music, Evie, Christy Lane, etc. I didn’t get introduced to artistes like Cece Winans, Kirk Franklin, Darlene Zchesch, Don Moen, Hillsong, Donnie McClurkin and most contemporary gospel musicians until I got into secondary school and the University. These days I’m also a gospel hip hop head, but this genre didn’t even exist when I was in secondary school; now I am as comfortable listening to Lecrae’s “Anomaly” that dropped this year as I am listening to Maranatha! Music’s “The Love of an awesome God” of 1985.


The thing with being “old school” is not about listening to old school music or wearing old fashioned clothes or using archaic pop culture references when you dialogue; it’s about the principles.
You could sport the latest fashion trends without succumbing to the need to be indecent. It’s perfectly possible to woo (I said “woo”, I know, who still says that right?) a lady without needing to be an asshole in the process; or to even ask her parents permission before you court her ( WEIRD! Right?! I even said “court”)and yeah it’s still “cool” to listen to AND obey your parents no matter how old you are or how much you think you know. We have left the things that gave us order behind in the march towards “enlightenment” and “modernity”.

Let’s take a look at marriages today, what are the divorce rates 40%? 50%? And rising? What happened? People jump in and out of marriages like swimming pools. Even telephone contracts are a lot more difficult to get out of these days than marriages. We’ve got celebrities setting world records for shortest marriages. In Days, hours even. What happened to fighting for the marriage?


Bring up the topic of some exigent circumstances? Then why wasn’t due diligence carried out? These days it’s common to see people get married without even knowing anything about their partners other than the fact that they “Looove” them. How can you be getting married to a lady or a guy and you’re meeting his/her family for the 1st time AFTER you both are already engaged? Where I’m from, love is work and that’s why most (there are always exceptions) are still together after more than 20+ years. Before you even proposed to a girl, you had met her folks, parents, siblings, gotten to know them. You’re not just marrying a girl, you’re marrying her people, customs, past. Parents on both sides did due diligence on the families of their kids’ partners. It wasn’t always perfect but it worked more often than not.


For laughs let me use this as an example; my parents whooped my ass as a kid. When I misbehaved. In fact my dad didn’t stop flogging me till I was about thirteen. Right?. They didn’t mistreat me, they didn’t molest me. They loved and still love me, bent over backwards to get the best for me. But when I stepped out of line, they were never scared to use the switch to remind me of what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Flogging your kids these days is seen as old fashioned, now you’ve got “time outs”, “groundings”, etc. Do these other forms of punishment work? Oh yeah, but in my experience the cane was the most effective. Note when I say “flogging”, I’m not talking about indiscriminate beating where it’s not instructive and the parent is just venting his/her anger and/or frustration on the child, that’s just abuse, violent abuse. I’m talking about “controlled spanking” or “spanking with a purpose” if you will.


Respect for authority is rare these days. There are points where respect is earned, at other times, it’s required. Earned or not. No matter how highly placed you are above an individual in position or achievement, age deserves respect. Your position doesn’t give you the right to act like a jerk to someone older than you just because he/she is your subordinate. For example, I was watching TV the other day and saw a kid cuss out his teacher and nothing came of it. My My. If you had the cajones to try that in my school when I was a kid, the whooping you’d receive would be legendary. Or for instance my parents were pissed at me for some reason, giving me an earful and I had the effrontery to talk back at them?! What?! It wasn’t about fear, it was about respect. Even if they were wrong or being “irrational”.


The concept of virginity is old school now. If you happen to come across a virgin ( and yes this includes guys ), it’s like seeing a unicorn. In fact virginity doesn’t even seem to apply to us fellas these days, and a lady who decides to remain one for whatever reason has eyebrows raised at her. It’s incomprehensible these days to be in a relationship and not have sex, when you come across couples in this rare category they’re like celebrity. These are just a few examples, if we look around and deeply reflect there are a lot more.

Like I said earlier, being “old fashioned” or “old school” is a matter of principles. Timeless principles that could only make you stand out.

Ariel Ugorji
Ariel Ugorji identifies himself as a mild insomniac, geek, nerd, an audiophile, an avid music lover, Liverpool Fan and an unashamed Christian; with more often than not a completely different point of view on the world and a love for sensible arguments. He Resides in Warri, Nigeria; the land of the sharp and the brave.

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