Poster girl curvy celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna etc have all endorsed various brands of waist cinchers and corsets on Instagram, leading many people to believe that this is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to attaining the elusive hourglass figure.

These celebrities have hinted at ease of wear, effectiveness and attractiveness as some of the reasons for wearing these shaping garments and while it may be something you may be curious to try, we think you should read this excerpt from MEDICALDAILY.COM before you make that decision.

Health experts say that waist training isn’t effective, or even entirely safe.

“It’s going to make you look slimmer when you have it on, but I don’t know any physiology that would explain that you’re going to lose body fat by wearing this device,” Stephen Ball, associate professor in the department of nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri, told

“People want a quick fix. They don’t want to put in the effort that it actually takes and so I’m sure lots of women will see these pictures and go out and spend their money on these types of devices when they should be focusing on exercise and healthy eating.”

Corsets have been used throughout history to induce form-fitting beauty standards. Also known as tightlacing, the practice diminishes the volume of the lungs, making it more difficult for the tightlacer to breathe. In addition, tightlacing can change rib structure as well as the position of organs such as the liver, which is pressed upward. It was particularly popular during the Victorian era, but has since lost its appeal in general fashion. But the practice has reemerged in recent years among celebrities like Jessica Alba, who used a corset to help her keep her shape after giving birth. There’s also something called the “Corset Diet,” which essentially squeezes your stomach to the point that makes it painful to eat too much — and painful to breathe, and probably to move, as well.

“The notion of an external brace or corset reshaping your midsection is pure pseudoscience. While it is possible to elongate or stretch a body part over years, as some African tribes have proven with their customs, it is not at all possible to do the same to the trunk of the body — especially after coming into adulthood, when the torso’s bones, tissues, and organs have grown to maturity”.


Final Note

Please never hold yourself to the standards of everything you see on Instagram, as many sellers of products such as waist cinchers, corsets and body wraps on that platform are frauds and promise unrealistic results by photoshopping the pictures featured on their pages.

Also, many celebrities who have endorsed these products do so for personal gain and many have undergone plastic surgery such as liposuction and fat transfer to achieve such results.

Eating healthy and exercise are still your best bet to getting your dream body. And don’t forget about self love! No shortcuts.

What are your thoughts on the new waist training obsession? Sheer madness or worth the try?




We love how well she pulled off this relaxed yet sophisticaté look at the British Fashion Awards, 2014.

Emma pulled off this look by pairing her navy colored, knee length boyfriend coat, nipped flatteringly at the waist accenting her feminine figure with black lapels with a white wide-legged jumpsuit.

She finished off her look with loosely curled hair, parted and pulled to the side.

Blazer: Dior
Jumpsuit: Misha Nonoo

Verdict: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Do you think Emma Watson deserved to make our Bomb Fashion Photo of the day?



Are you a makeup junkie, or do you simply want a fabulous makeup artist to glam you up for a special occasion or event?

Look no further as we are rounding up the top 14 Nigerian makeup artists to follow on Instagram.

Artists that made our cut did so based on look execution, body of work, popularity, client reviews, editorial features and overall creativity.

14. @iposhlooks


13. @topnotchmakeovers


12. @dazeita


11. @facesbylabisi


10. @caramelsnerd


9. @joycejacob_jjb


8. @lolamaja


7. @bimpeonakoya


6. @shomya_lag


5. @iamdodos


4. @glambyisoken


3. @mamzabeauty


2. @banksbmpro


1. @jideofstola


What are your thoughts on our list? Did we miss out on any of your favorites? Please leave their Instagram handles in the comments section if you would like this list updated.

BEAUTY Q & A: How do I properly straighten tight curls without poofiness?


Q: Hello Beauty Editor,

I recently did the big chop after 3 years of transitioning and I must confess that I am loving my new hair texture which I would say is in the ‘4’ category. I wear my hair in protective styles most of the time but there are times that I would love to wear my hair straight. I have tried numerous methods and products when it comes to straightening but my hair ends up a poofy mess by the following day and so I revert back to my twist out styles.

How can I get my hair properly straightened and how do I make it last for at least a week?


A: Hello Chioma,

I am glad that you love your new curly texture. However, it seems to me that your hair reacts badly to humidity when straightened, hence the poofiness. My advice is for you to try one of these 5 temporary straightening products for curly, coily and kinky girls that made our list while following the instructions carefully as they are designed to manage this problem. Please keep in mind that you may have to try more than one product on the list before finding one that is perfect for your hair type.


Also, I recently stumbled on @Downazzjawn’s Profile on Instagram (pictured above) who shares a similar texture as yours and she swears by these three products for achieving her sleek look.

1. Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Blowdry Cream
2.Elasta QP Curl Wax
3. Nexxus Heat Protectant Spray.

I hope this helps.


The Beauty Editor.

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