**Do you want to look like this? Please discontinue reading this article by all means.

I thought I had seen it all until I was introduced to this last week. Apparently the latest fashion/fitness/cosmetic craze is the “waist cincher” (sounds like the name they could have given to a medieval torture tool used in the spanish inquisition to torture witches).

Unsurprisingly, celebrities with questionable credibilities such as Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Holly Deacon amongst others gushing about it’s “miracle working” capabilities.

Here’s the thing, this “waist cincher”, as I understand it, is a corset that tightens around the waist and supposedly “trains” your waist into a smaller shape, emphasises your hips and create that craved hourglass figure- the dream of every some women.


As much As I would like to
get into the medical implications of wearing this so-called implement, I will keep this post strictly based on my view as a heterosexual guy.

First off, guys (and I speak for many guys out there) are already weirded out by the numerous things ladies do for beauty. From wearing false eyelashes, to eyelash curlers and everything in-between. Truly amazing!But to be honest, this waist cincher/ corset craze has taken the weirdness to a whole new level.

Why the obsession with thin waists?

I partly blame Disney. With their picture perfect characters in Sleeping Beauty, to Snow White, Beauty in Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, blessed with unrealistically perfect looks and ridiculously small waists and subsequent happy ever afters. Young girls are given the notion that they can only be beautiful if they appear to have bountiful bosoms balanced on waif-like waists with shapely bottoms.

This just me but I also think it smacks of laziness. There are exercises that would produce the hourglass effect without going through the self inflicted strangling.

Love yourself!

Not everyone is going to look like Barbie, that’s a fact; women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and women I can confidently tell you that we men love THEM ALL. Whether you’re shaped like a pear, a half eaten apple, a pineapple or you’re as flat as a damn ironing table.

Case in point: look at the amount of men who would do ANYTHING to sleep with one of the many anorexic models that strut the runways.

There’s another reason why God made women with ample waists and hips. Childbearing. When a woman gets pregnant and the child gets closer to delivery, her hips expand. That’s just natural. God knew you’d be pushing out another human through those hips so He designed those hips to expand, and thus the waist too. Now when you’ve gone and compressed everything because you want to look like Amber Rose, theoretically there might be complications.


History Lesson

Corsets aren’t new, just like most other things. They were here in the victorian times and they suffocated women just as much then, went out for a while and have been resurrected again. In fact the corsets of that era where probably worse seeing as they were largely made out of metal, not the composite fabric of this generation.

Guys Aren’t Always Fooled

Besides these days, boys can spot all the various enhancements you ladies pad yourselves with from a mile away; from the push up bras to the buttock pads, to the boob pads to the fake eyelashes to the tight waist bands to keep your bellies in, etc. And we still go in or back off when we want to.

But then it’ll also be wrong for me to assume that ladies do some of these things just to get the men, there are those who do it to look good for themselves; well, carry on then. Again each to their own.

Ariel Ugorji


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