Eyebrows on Fleek are some of the many praises given to perfectly arched and filled eyebrows (on Instagram). The brow trend is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2014 and whether you have a preference for bushy looking ones or arched ones, there are some products needed to achieve the perfection you desire.

We caught up with some MUAs from Nigeria to find out their best products for eyebrow shaping and got 4 recurring answers.

Want to know what products they listed? Read Below:

*Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

1. Brow Powders

This product gives a volume to brows by giving a natural uniform volume. This is the best type of brow product recommended for an amateur or makeup newbie as precision is not often required with application. Please note that color selection is very important when choosing an eyebrow powder as it should match the color of your brows perfectly. Shop For Brow Powders in Nigeria

*YBF Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

2. Brow Pencils

Is the most popular product when it comes to eyebrow shaping. Brow pencils however are best for correcting bald patches and lifting arches rather than filling brows entirely (especially if you prefer a more natural look). For precise more defined brows and arches, make your brow pencil as sharp as possible. Use blunt pencils for more natural looking arches.

* MAC Brow Set

3. Brow Gels

The brow gel is one of the best kept secrets of MUAs. This product helps set your brows after filling and ensures that no hair goes out of place all day long.

Brow gels can also be used by individuals with bushy caradelevingne-esque looking eyebrows that do not need any extra filling but taming.

Quick Tip:
Out of Eyebrow gel? Try a transparent mascara.

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Fix

4. Brow Waxes

This is the newest, most advanced brow product to hit the scene. Brow waxes mostly come in waterproof formulas to keep brows in place even underwater. This product may be used as a corrector pencil to cover serious gaps prior to brow powder application and is also used to add definition and lift brows in replacement of a concealer.

Have you tried any of the brow products listed above? What was your experience?


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