All brides want their big day to be perfect! The perfect groom, the perfect location but most of all, the perfect dress. Every woman dreams of it. And though not every is thrilled at the thought of wearing a Princess ball gown as popularly claimed, I dare you think that it’s not going to be a memorable one. The question however is, what dress will be memorable enough for you?

Here are 10 modern wedding dress style suggestions carefully selected by our experts to make your decision a little easier.

1. Illusion: these modest necklines hint at sweetness and can be worn conservative settings without compromising it’s beauty.

2. Rose Appliqué: a touch of the whimsical. This style is for brides who want to create their own real life fairytale.


3. Siren: do you have the perfect body that you want to show off on your wedding day? This style is the way to go. Keeping it simple will make you and not your dress the centre of attention.

4. Plunging: recommended for the smart, daring yet unpretentious bride. The side pockets add sensibilities lacking in other wedding dresses….We mean, now we know where to put our lipgloss, right?

5. Draping: this dress style captures fluidity inspired by water movement creating goddess-like illusions.

6. Hippie: for the free-spirited, nature loving bride. This vintage inspired dress style embraces both comfort and timelessness.

7. Sophisticated: this dress style appeals to the understated modern woman who values clean tailoring and fit over anything else. Go an extra inch in sophistication by pairing your dress with a brightly colored shoe on your big day.

8. Lace: a classic fabric when it comes to weddings. Are you a more traditional bride? Then this should definitely be your fabric of choice.

9. Color: pastels are in this season, and wedding dresses weren’t left out. Stand out from the crowd and remain memorable with a colored wedding dress. Muted colors of pinks, greens and pastels are the best way to go. Be careful not to go too vibrant as you may question your decision later.

10. Fringe: the fringe trend combines opposing elements of free-spiritedness yet traditional and modest-edginess, perfect for the non-conformist bride.

What do you think about our selection? Love it or hate it? Please leave a comment below.

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