CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode Finale


Kaima and Damilare ate from the same plate, the meal wasn’t exquisite but it was delicious. After eating, they washed up their plates and retreated into the bedroom where Kaima retrieved, from her bag, the iPod she carried everywhere with her. She proceeded to lay down beside Damilare who was already enjoying the relaxing feeling of finally being in his bed.

They stared at each other, not speaking, just looking at each other arms overlapping. After what seemed like eternity, Kaima looked down at the iPod, forgotten in her hand. Scrolling through the playlist tagged ‘Happy Songs’ she clicked on the song titled ‘Heaven’s Candlelight’ by DJ Sammy. Smiling shyly, Kaima Removed an ear piece from her ear, and handed it to Damilare while saying:

“I want us to listen to this song. I love it”

They listened to the song over and over again.

Damilare was awestruck by how beautiful Kaima looked even without make up and wondered if he was dreaming. He reached out to rub her back with his hand, reassuring himself that she was indeed there.

“I’m going to show you something soon, I want you to take a look at it and see what we can do with it.” Damilare finally spoke.

“Did you say we?” Kaima asked.
There was a sparkle in her eyes that Damilare had never seen before.

“Yes baby! We.” Damilare replied smiling.

“Alright! Then show me!” Kaima said, barely containing her excitement.

“Baby, I’ll show you soon. But please be patient.” Damilare replied.

“Let me guess, is it a ring?” Kaima asked, pressing further, having no intention of waiting to hear what Damilare had to say.

Damilare shot her the ‘hell in god’s name look’ before reaching down under his bed to bring a business proposal.

“O!” Kaima said slightly disappointed after seeing what he held in his hand.

“Kay, it’s a business proposal that I’ve been working on for quite sometime now. I trust your judgement and want you to have a look at it.” Damilare spoke with all the charm he could muster.

Kaima couldn’t resist and smiled.

“Sure thing, I’ll take a look at.” She replied. Her hand travelled a short distance down Damilare’s back and smacked him playfully on his butt.

“Ouch! What was that for?” He asked grumpily.

Kaima giggled at the look on his face.

When the night grew darker, wrapped in each other’s arms, they slept.



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