Darker skinned women are blessed with beautiful shades of ebony, dark mahogany, brown, bronze, tan, caramel, olive and everything in between. Inspite of all the positives to having darker skin such as slow aging, tanning etc it can begin to show signs of dullness and neglect if not taken care of properly.

Here are 5 do’s and dont’s to fight aging and keep darker skin looking beautiful.



1. Cleanse your face at least twice a day. Darker skin tilts towards the combination-oily spectrum of the skin chart. Use a mild cleanser to rid the skin of makeup debris and build up that may have accumulated through out the day.


2. Moisturize day and night! Having combination/oily skin is no excuse to skip your moisturizer. Natural moisturizers such as shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil and jojoba oil are some of the best kept secrets of women with the most beautiful complexions.

3. Exercise. Cardiovascular exercises such as Walking, jogging, running, boxing, dancing etc ensuring increased oxygen distribution and blood circulation around the body.

4. Drink water and other healthy drinks. Taking at least 8 glasses of water everyday is a sure way to guarantee a beautiful complexion. Also, other healthy natural drinks such as green tea, moringa, etc have been proven to be rich in antioxidants that flush out toxins, retain skin elasticity and fight aging.

5. Eat your proteins. Believe it on not, proteins such as beans, lean meat, lentils etc are amazing for the skin, hair and even nails. Incorporate this food group into your daily meals and watch your skin glow from the inside out.



1. Use harsh chemicals and cosmetics in your skincare routine. Products containing large amounts of hydroquinone, mercury and other chemical bleaching agents should not be used except under strict directives from a professional. These chemicals not only thin out the skin and aggravate problems in the long run, but are also believed to cause some types of skin conditions.


2. Pick at acne and pimples. Darker skin is more prone to scarring making the effects of pimple and acne picking evident. Gently wash face with warm water and topically apply tea tree oil to zit to encourage it’s healing process. Vitamin E oil is a great anti-scarring treatment.

3. Forget to exfoliate. Exfoliation encourages skin cell renewal. Frequent exfoliation keeps skin looking flawless and radiant as older layers are shed away and younger layers become exposed. When exfoliating, use a salt scrub if you have combination-oily skin. Sugar scrubs are great for drier skin types.

4. Skip sunscreen. Darker skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation which means that darker patches begin to appear on the skin after long exposure to sunlight. Sunscreen prevents and controls hyper pigmentation.


5. Eat dead foods. Burgers, pizzas etc aren’t only bad for your weight, but can also leave your skin dull and lifeless. Fruits such as green apple, citrus, watermelon and vegetables should constitute the bulk of your diet in the quest for beautiful skin.

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Do you have any other darker skin care do’s and don’ts you would love to add? Please leave a comment.



    • Hi Winifred. There are a ton of sunscreens available. A lot also come in sunscreen and moisturizer combo. We recommend you try out the Oriflame Sun Zone Face and Body Lotion available at the losbeauty shop.


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