The quest for a spotless complexion, radiating cheeks and big bright eyes are all in a day’s work for most women. Although most makeup available in UK stores is for white skin, women with dark skin can benefit using our tips for choosing makeup for dark skin.

Having dark skin does not mean you get limited by a makeup range. By craftily using certain makeup to your advantage, you can be on your way to discovering that beauty is certainly not skin deep. Further in this article we explore the wide choices available and provide some recommendations of makeup for darker skin tones.


Foundations and Powders

Darker skin tends to be more oily than lighter skin and unfortunately this can be seen quite easily since oil will show up more clearly on darker skin. It is crucial to understand your skin tone and select a shade that can compliment it.

Selecting the perfect foundation is the cardinal rule in any good makeup regimen. Select a shade that will match your skin tone. You can do this by testing the colour to check if it matches your exact skin tone. Select a water based as opposed to an oil based foundation.

Fashion Fair’s Oil-Free Perfect Finish Crème to Powder Make-up, available at Debenhams and Boots is a great choice for its consistency. Finish off with a loose powder to help clean up and oil and shine. Pick a brand of foundation that has at least 15 shades to choose from. Remember to check whether the foundation matches in the daylight.


Radiating Cheeks

For the cheeks and eyes, when applying colour be sure to select makeup products which have a high level of pigmentation. This will help to add accent to darker skin tones.
To provide definition and lift to your cheeks, select blushers with mandarin or pink shades so that you stand out instead of blending in. A great recommendation here is Maybelline New York’s Dream Mousse Blush available in the UK nationwide.



Bear in mind to stay away from extremely light shades such as light yellow or white colours that refuse to blend into your eyelids. If you are going for a smokey-eyed type of glamorous, choose pink over darker shades, or even a musky blue.
Spread the colour toward the rear of the eyebrow, and apply black liner along the eye lines. Smudging is key here. Carefully smudge the black shadow into your eye areas to finish off the completed effect.

For ladies night, a glistening bright look can really work and transform your look into a glamorous, confident woman. Add shimmer on the corners of your eyes and around the temples to create a streamlined look. Try Bourjois Poudre Bronzante golden bronzing powder, available in the UK nationwide.



For beautiful lips, stay away from bright colours as darker skin tones are better complimented with deep and luxurious colours like gold, electric blue and mahogany. On top of this, a matte finish works perfectly. We recommend Bobbi Brown’s Lip Colour, available nationwide. If you are after a glossy lip look, go for Sleek’s high shine lip gloss, available at Superdrug.

Shopping Online for Beauty Products

Online catalogues provide a great place to shop for makeup and beauty products with their spread the cost payment plans and interest free credit periods. Check out Approved Catalogues for a full list of the UK’s most popular catalogues.


Catalogues such as Littlewoods, Very and Lookagain have huge sections for women looking for a new style with dozens of options to choose when it comes to fashion and beauty products.


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