CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 23


Kaima walked to the elevator and took a long look down the corridor, hoping that Cynthia would come out, but she didn’t. As soon as she reached the elevator, she got in and pressed the button that led to the ground floor.

Cynthia didn’t feel right, she wasn’t the unforgiving type.

“This is so not me. I can’t do this! I can’t live like this!” She said to herself, while unlocking the door and stepping out to finally face Kaima. Kaima was gone.

She heard the elevator doors opening, and ran towards it.

“Wait Kay! Wait!” Cynthia screamed. There was no response.

“What have I done?!” Cynthia said to herself sadly before looking up to notice the slight figure of her friend standing in front of her.

A gulf of understanding, bare of any words drew them together in a long hug that lasted a few minutes, before Kaima finally spoke.

“I am a terrible person Cyndy, I’m so sorry.” Kaima said crying.

“No Kay. You’re a good person. Things just went horribly wrong.” Cynthia replied.

“No I’m not.” Kaima said. Her usual stiff posture heavy with remorse.

“Stop it Kay!” Cynthia rebuked her.

Kaima tore away from the embrace and placed her hands on Cynthia’s shoulders.

“I am truly sorry for the hurt I caused you.” Kaima said.

“I have forgiven you Kaima. Can we go in now so you stop embarrassing us both. Cynthia said jokingly in the bid to lighten the mood.

When they settled in, Cynthia brought a fluffy towel for Kaima to wrap herself in and poured some alcohol for them to enjoy.

“Cynthia! When did you start drinking?” Kaima asked with a puzzled stare.

“Taaaday!” Cynthia said in an over emphasized British accent.

Kaima reeled with laughter.

After toasting to their recent reunion, they both sipped their alcohol which was an added source of warmth for Kaima.

“I was actually thinking about taking a vacation before you arrived.” Cynthia said casually and laughed at the look of horror on Kaima’s face.

“Whhhh..aa….ttt…” Kaima couldn’t find the words to express her disappointment.

“Yeah. I was planning on going to Canada to visit Sam. But don’t worry hun, that’s off the table for now.” Cynthia replied while smiling kindly at Kaima.

“Phew! You definitely got me scared on that one. Who’s going to keep me company in this wretched city?!” Kaima added with her demeanor visibly brightening at Cynthia’s new revelation.

“What about Dre? He can keep you company. Or haven’t you spoken with him yet?” Cynthia asked suspiciously.

“About that…..” Kaima’s voice trailed off again.

“What are you waiting for? You need to tell him how you feel.” Cynthia filled in quickly.

“I will, I promise. I just need a little time.” Kaima replied placing a hand on her forehead.

“When is the right time Kay?” Cynthia pressed, switching into detective mode.

Kaima found this side to Cynthia slightly irritating but she was happy to have her best friend back.

“I’ll tell him tomorrow.” Kaima finally replied.

“Good.” Cynthia said.


At dawn, Kaima took a hurried shower and borrowed some of Cynthia’s clothes as she had decided to stay over. Her wet clothes were still in the dryer.

Cynthia reminded her to speak with Damilare as she hurriedly left the apartment for work and promised to.

When Kaima got to her office, she looked bright and spritely. Chorusing a merry good morning to her secretary while asking her how her night went.

Nkechi was taken aback; she checked side ways to make sure Kaima wasn’t talking to someone else. There was no one else present.

“My night was great, and yours?” Nkechi answered.

“Absolutely Fantastic!” Kaima replied with a dazzling smile.

Nkechi wondered what had come over her boss. Through out the previous weeks, Kaima rarely smiled or spoke to her. Today was different. Maybe it was the dress, maybe it was the flat sole shoes, or maybe it was the air which was scented in a farrago of strawberry and orange air freshener, she mused.

Later that day, Kaima placed an order for lunch and specifically asked that it be for two. An hour later, her secretary bumbled into her office, with two lunch packs from the Magic Menu Restaurant. Kaima took one and handed the other to her secretary, Nkechi.

Nkechi looked puzzled.

“What would you like me to do with the other one? She asked while looking at Kaima as if she had suddenly sprouted a second head.

“Eat it. I bought it for you.” Kaima replied softly.

Nkechi’s jaw slackened with surprise before replying. “Ah! Thank you Madam. God bless you Ma.”

“You’re welcome. Now run along; I have some work to do.” Kaima replied.

Nkechi nodded and disappeared.

When Nkechi opened the lunch pack, the aroma from the pack hit her hard. The food smelled good, but wasn’t convinced about the taste yet. Doubting if the food tasted as good as it smelled, she scooped a spoonful of chicken salad with peppered meat balls and coconut rice. Her countenance lit up as soon as the food touched her lips.

“Oh boy!” She exclaimed this food is great.


Damilare was in the kitchen of the magic menu restaurant his attention focused on a frying pan as he worked his magic, covering the whole kitchen in a blanket of sweet smelling aroma, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He reached into his pocket to retrieve his cell-phone. Without looking at the identity of the caller, he picked the call and said;

“Hi can I call you back, I’m very busy right now.”

“Hi Dre.” Said the voice at the other end of the line.

Damilare was stunned, he recognised the voice. Slowly he eased his hands off the handle of the frying pan and turned off the gas cooker. Damilare had missed this voice.

“Hi Kay.” He replied with a school boy grin.

“Please could you wait for me after closing hours? I would love to see you.” Kaima asked.

“We have new business?” Damilare asked as he began to pace aimlessly around the kitchen with his free hand in his pocket, still wearing the school boy grin.

“No Dre, It’s personal business.” Kaima replied.

“I’ll wait for you.” Damilare squeaked, trying hard not to
sound too excited.

“Thank you.” Kaima said before the line went dead.

……to be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/Fiction


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