Have you ever come across these stores with bold ‘Pep’ logos littered everywhere across major cities
Nigeria and wondered what they offered? I, for one, thought that they were some sort of tax collection agency (silly me😄!) until I visited one a few days ago, and boy, was I surprised.

I not only discovered that these stores offer awesome deals on fashion (clothing, shoes, fashion accessories) and household items, but also structure a payment plan for regular customers to purchase items, accept returns with 100% money back policies and secure small loans for customers ( not applicable to Nigerian Pep stores😢.)

Enough of my babbling😊. Here is everything you need to know about Pep stores and why you should shop with them if you are a bargain-hunter or budget fashionista.


What is a PEP store?

A Pep Store is a South African owned store offering the lowest prices on clothing and household items, targeted at the middle and lower income segment of countries they are located in.

Pep, a subsidiary of Pepktor is the largest single brand clothing retail store in South Africa with over 1400 outlets operational in countries across 11 countries in Southern Africa, Angola and more recently in Nigeria. The first Pep store in Nigeria was opened on the 7th June, 2012 in Festac and since then, a further 17 stores have been opened.


Why shop at a Pep Store?

Pep is easily one of the more customer friendly clothing retailers in Nigeria, offering up-to-date, new and durable products at ridiculously affordable prices (seriously!)

Product offerings include Clothing and Footwear (for Children, Women and Men), Textiles, Homewares as well as a wide range of FMCG Products (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) for convenience shopping. A further unique offering from Pep, is their Money Back guarantee if a customer is not 100% satisfied with the purchase that was made.

Click HERE to find the Pep store in Nigeria close to you.


Have you visited any Pep store? Please share your experience.


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