CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 22


Kaima didn’t shake Lola’s hand but walked back to her seat. Lola felt slighted but wasn’t surprised. She took the telling action quietly, spun away quickly from Kaima and marched towards the exit.

Kaima tried her best to not stop Lola as she left, but there was guilt tugging at her heart, reminding her that she was a Christian and needed to forgive. Lola was already at the door when she heard the words;

“Wait! Please wait! Come back and seat, I guess we could be friends after all.” Kaima said.

Lola brightened as her lips curled into a smile. She closed the door and returned back to the empty seat, tucking herself in, crossing her legs and looked pointedly at the woman seated opposite her.

Kaima stretched out her hands, it was Lola’s turn to take it or leave it. She took it. There was something about Lola that seemed good even though Kaima had always seen her as an evil person.

They both smiled when their hands retreated back to base.


Later that day, Lola went over to Cynthia’s place to inform her about the events that had unfolded between her and Kaima. Cynthia was happy but still expressed doubts that Kaima would forgive her.

“I just know she won’t do it Lola.” Cynthia had said.

” Just have faith Cynthia. Everything will be fine.” Lola reassured her while also informing her of her trip to London that Saturday.


A few days had passed after Lola’s meeting with Kaima, and still nothing had happened. During this period, Kaima struggled with the decision she was about to make. She was torn.

On Thursday evening, Kaima sat in her living room, thinking, brewing, drinking, and reminiscing of the good times she and Cynthia had together. The ‘Emotions’ track from the Destiny’s child ‘Survivor’ album was on repeat, and the lyrics sunk its teeth deep into her heart, ripping her emotions apart. She ran to the door, picking up her car keys along the way. She had finally made her decision.


Cynthia sat in her luxurious apartment thinking about Kaima and how she hadn’t imagined things to have gone wrong so quickly. Her apartment was dark, not because there was no power, but because she had suddenly preferred it that way after the fight with Kaima. She missed their fun-filled weekends together and wondered if things would ever be the same again.

Walking over to the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of champagne from the liquor cabinet she rarely touched. Cynthia kept them because whenever Sam was in town he stayed at hers instead of a hotel. Sam loved his spirits and she loved him. After pouring herself a glass, she moved towards her bedroom in slow strides; still thinking.

“Maybe I should take a vacation.” Cynthia questioned loudly, half expecting a reply from the emptiness in her apartment. She longed for Sam, needing someone to talk to. Rushing to her closet, she took out her suitcase and began packing. She was going to Canada.


Kaima was out of her apartment. She was driving very fast; the weather had seemed fine when she pulled out of her apartment but it had now begun to rain. This didn’t deter her, adding a little more pressure on the accelerator, she sped faster.

Cynthia had started to pack some clothes into her suitcase when it began to rain. It was surprising to her because the weather seemed fine a few minutes earlier. Shaking her head, she took a sip from the cold but fiery liquid which seemed to have the desired effect she craved for.


By 10.20pm, Kaima pulled up to Cynthia’s luxury apartment in Ikoyi. The gate opened automatically. With surveillance cameras watching her every move, she picked a spot in the parking lot, and brought the car to a halt.

“Shit! Where is the umbrella.” Kaima yelled at herself angrily. She had forgotten to return it back to the car, after she had used it on a rainy day to the office, earlier in the week.

The rain was pouring in torrents, but the matter at hand was pressing. Stepping out of her car, she made a quick dash for the entrance, trying her best to move as quickly as possible, but that didn’t stop the unforgiving rain from drenching her.

On getting to the entrance , Kaima pulled the heavy glass doors open and let herself into the well furnished and styled reception area, she offered a curt nod to the receptionist who replied with a curt nod filled with pity.

“Yea right! Go head! Pity me! Like that’s what I need right now.”
Kaima muttered to herself while remaining loud enough for the receptionist to hear as she dragged her wet body towards the elevator.


Cynthia was still packing some clothes into her travelling bag when she heard a loud knock at her door wondering who it could be at that time of the night and trying her best to ignore it. This singular action only made the rapping more aggressive, leaving Cynthia extremely irritated.

Cynthia couldn’t take it any longer and wearing her meanest frown, she walked towards the door to confront her unwanted visitor.

Without looking at the person, she screamed;

“How many times will I tell you that…….” She paused as soon as she sighted Kaima who was shivering, drenched by the rain.

“Hi Cyndy.” Kaima said through clenched teeth as the cold tore through her body.

Cynthia responded with a loud hiss and angrily slammed the door in Kaima’s face.

“Cyndy I’m sorry, please can we talk.” Kaima pleaded through the door.

Cynthia didn’t respond. Vivid images of Kaima slapping her at the parking lot of the Magic Menu Resaurant played in her head. Kaima’s words that day kept reverberating in her head.

After 10 minutes of trying to reason with Cynthia, Kaima’s mission of trying to make amends with her proved futile. She hadn’t anticipated the show of resistance from Cynthia but naively expected everything to go back to the way it was. But those dreams were gone, burned by Cynthia’s resolve to shut her out.

She sighed deeply and slowly but reluctantly backed away from the door, marching lazily towards the elevator.

… be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/ Fiction


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