You have probably heard about Vitamin oil but did you know it possessed so many beauty and health benefits? This wonder oil is a prime ingredient in many cosmetics and is often prescribed by doctors as a natural treatment alternative for the treatment of certain disorders.

Want to know how Vitamin E oil can be beneficial for your skin, hair, nails and overall health? Here are 11 of our top reasons to use Vitamin E oil.



1. Skin moisturizer
Vitamin E oil being a great skin moisturizer can be a healthy substitute for lotions that are loaded with ingredients like alcohol and other chemicals which, in the long run, can strip your skin off its natural moisturizers. Vitamin E oil not only provides the required moisture to the skin, but the presence of antioxidants in it facilitates the healing process in case of an injury. However, application of pure vitamin E oil should be avoided as it is thick and sticky. Bedtime application of oil is ideal for the healing and preservation of skin. Olive oil, on account of it containing oleic acid, makes the skin more permeable to retain moisture. This oil when mixed with equal amounts of vitamin E oil is most suited for application during bedtime.

2. Anti-aging Supplement
As skin ages, the turnover of cells and production of collagen in them begins to slow down, causing it to lose its firmness and elasticity. An unhealthy diet, pollution and exposure to chemicals further trigger the process of aging, making the skin look saggy and dull due the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Owing to the presence of powerful antioxidants in vitamin E oil, regular application of this oil on the face not only helps in smoothening out the fine lines and wrinkles but it thwarts the chances of their occurrence in the future as well. Thus, it keeps skin tight and firm.

3. Natural Cleanser, Eye Cream and Make up remover
Vitamin E oil is a ‘universal cleanser’ as it suits all skin types. Dirt, grime, dead cells and debris that get accumulated on the top layer of the face, make it look dull and tired. Applying a few drops of this oil on a cotton ball and wiping the face with it twice a day has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, thereby imparting it a radiant glow.

Vitamin E oil, being a great moisturizer, is suitable for application on even the sensitive areas around the eyes. If applied on the skin surrounding the eyes after a shower, it helps in the prevention of formation of fine lines popularly known as crow’s feet. Moreover, it can also be used as a make-up remover. Dipping a cotton ball in vitamin oil and wiping it on the face removes all traces of make-up.


4. Hair growth and treatment of Scalp disorders
Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants, which improve the immune system and increase the circulation of blood to all parts of the body, including the scalp. A healthy supply of blood is a good stimulant for hair to grow and flourish.

Vitamin E oil has several benefits for hair as well. Besides increasing the circulation of blood in the scalp, this oil also enhances the texture and quality of hair. It is widely used in the treatment of hair-loss and other scalp disorders.

5. Premature greying prevention and Split ends repair
Vitamin E oil is very effective in slowing down the aging process, be it your skin or hair. Premature greying of hair is caused primarily due to oxidation of the tissues. The potent antioxidants present in this oil effectively prevent the corrosion of tissues, thereby reducing the probability of premature greying.

Split ends and other damages caused due to constant blow drying, curling and colouring are some of the common problems associated with hair. It can be treated at home with the help of vitamin E oil. All you need to do is mix equal amounts of olive, coconut, hemp and jojoba oils to make an oil mixture of about 12 ounces. Add 2 ounces of vitamin E oil to it. This can be used either as hot oil or as a sealant to cure split ends.

6. Natural Nail Enhancer
Vitamin E oil is effective in the treatment of nails that are prone to cracking and splitting. If you wish to get rid of brittle nails, pour some of this oil in a dish and keep your nails submerged in it for 5 to 10 minutes every day.. Alternatively, you can also rub a drop of oil on each fingernail. This oil also takes care of dry and cracked cuticles.



7. Improved Immunity
We all are aware of the health benefits of vitamin E, most of which can be attributed to the fact that it is an antioxidant. Consumption of vitamin E improves immunity as the antioxidants remove the free radicals which damage the cell structure of the body. Likewise, vitamin E oil can also help the body in a number of ways. Some of its benefits are as follows:

8. Treatment of Scars and Burns
Vitamin E oil has remarkable curative powers. It has the ability to heal wounds caused by small burns. Applying this oil on the affected area and rubbing it gently heals the wound over a period of time. Ensure that it is applied only after the affected area gets cooled.

Another amazing benefit of vitamin E oil is that it helps in the swift fading of scars. It is considered to be a superior treatment option for the removal of scars caused due to burns or acne. You can apply a few drops of vitamin E oil to the scar tissue irrespective of whether it is old and faded or still fresh. Gently massage the oil into the scar in a circular motion. The oil will penetrate deep into the skin to repair the scar tissue at the source, thereby helping to diminish the appearance of blemishes. This oil should be applied daily for best results.

9. Stretch marks treatment and prevention
Stretch marks are a common sight during or after pregnancy. Vitamin E oil is effective in healing such marks. Regular application of this oil on the stretch marks coupled with a gentle rubbing motion has shown to reduce the appearance of these marks over a period of time. Vitamin E oil also reduces the appearance of older stretch marks as well as birth marks.

10. For Cold sores/ Chapped lips, Eczema and Psoriasis
Application of vitamin E oil twice a day on the affected area on a regular basis is effective in curing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Vitamin E oil can heal cold sores and chapped lips. This oil acts as a lip moisturizer and is extremely effective in getting rid of dry or chapped lips. Regular application of vitamin E oil helps prevent the eruption of cold sores, thereby providing relief from the stinging sensation that accompanies it.


11. Dietary Supplement
The restorative and therapeutic property of vitamin E in its composition makes this oil, a wonderful dietary supplement. Consumption of vitamin E oil supports the heart, which in turn ensures a long and healthy life. This oil has the ability to prevent cholesterol from clogging up the arteries. The accumulation of bad cholesterol in the arteries is what causes the heart to pump harder to circulate the blood, thereby increasing the risk of a heart attack. Vitamin E oil negates the effects of bad cholesterol and prevents it from lining up the arteries.

The numerous benefits of this oil are undeniable. If you want to have younger looking skin and hair include vitamin E oil in your beauty regimen. Just ensure that you are not allergic to it by applying it on a small patch of your skin on a test basis.


We hope you enjoyed this article. Do you have any other beauty or health benefits of Vitamin E oil you would love to add to our list? Please share.

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