CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 21


The weekend had come and gone like a flash, Monday was here and Arrow Visions was open for business. Kaima had a hectic weekend as she struggled with the processing of all the paper work she had brought back home which she never got to finish. On getting to the office, she quickly read an email from her boss demanding that the documents be submitted on his desk by 12pm.

Kaima scowled, thinking of how distracted she had become since the Cynthia, Lola and Damilare incident. Nothing was the same.

‘I should probably consider moving past what happened between Cynthia and me’, she said to herself.

Around 11am, her secretary came into her office with news that she had a visitor. Kaima was surprised but told her secretary to usher the person in. Minutes later, she heard a soft knock and without waiting for a reply, the visitor stepped into her office. Kaima’s face was still buried in paper work when the visitor stepped in, but when she finally looked up some minutes later, she was utterly stunned.

“What the hell are you doing here Lola?” Kaima snarled nearly exploding with the force of her anger.

“Good morning Kaima, nice to see you too. We have a lot to catch up on.” Lola replied in a calm and composed manner looking elegant in a black dress, and flat black sole shoes as she sat down in an empty office chair opposite Kaima without being offered.

“Catch up on what? O! I see….you want me to listen to Cynthia asking me to forgive her, I presume, after you both
decided to make a fool out of me? Did I ask you to sit?” Kaima said eyeing her like she was a trash can buzzing with house flies.

“Isn’t it customary to offer your visitor a seat?” Lola asked with a smirk.

“You’re not a visitor, you’re not a friend, and you’re a stranger and an enemy, why would I offer you a seat, let alone welcome you into my office when….”, Kaima’s voice trailed off as soon as Lola began playing a recording from her Cell.

The voices sounded familiar, one was Lola , the other was Damilare’s! Kaima gasped at this realization.

Lola: Did you say she?

Damilare: Yeah she! My boss is a woman. Is that a strange thing?

Lola: No, not at all; do you enjoy working for her?

Damilare: Enjoy working for her? I wouldn’t put it that way; I would say I enjoy working with her. It’s like she has everything figured out she is an amazing woman, gifted in organization and planning, she would make a fine wife. She is one heck of a woman.

Lola: Do you like her?

Damilare: Yes. Who wouldn’t.

The recording ended.

Kaima was quiet for what seemed like eternity, the fire in her eyes had cooled as sat back, arms folded, lost in thought. She had just heard Damilare’s open adoration of her and the remark of her making a fine wife put a blinding smile on her face.

“Why did you record that conversation, Lola?” Kaima asked as her eyes narrowed again announcing the return of her anger towards the lady in black.

“I don’t know. I just wanted to have something of his with me all the time.” Lola replied.

Kaima cocked her head to the side trying to make sense of what Lola had just revealed before replying.

“I don’t believe you.” Kaima replied.

“Alright Miss betrayed, believe what you want to.” Lola said mocking her, daring Kaima to test her.

Kaima stayed silent.

“You seem like a really smart woman, Kaima, but sometimes I think you are the dumbest person alive. Were you really going to walk away from Damilare so quickly? Hand him over to me so easily without putting up a fight?” Lola spoke with calculated calmness.

Kaima was taken aback by Lola’s show of emotional strength and will.

“I don’t like him,” Kaima finally replied in a low tone, avoiding Lola’s gaze.

“Excuse me? You don’t like him?! Then why the hell are you doing this to yourself and Cynthia?” Lola asked almost amused at Kaima’s denial.

“It’s…… it’s……. it’s…….. Because……. Because…….” Kaima was struggling with the words as if it were the size of a bulldozer; the weight seemed to be pulling her back, choking her.

“Kay just say it and I’ll understand.”
Lola said trying to help her find the courage to say what she wanted to.

Kaima was surprised that Lola called her Kay, she didn’t want her to, she wanted to keep her as an enemy and a threat, but something inside kept telling her that Lola was not the enemy.

“Thank you.” Kaima finally said.

“Thank you? For what?” Lola replied starting to get very confused. Kaima was quite a complicated young soul.

“I’m thanking you for bringing me back to my senses Missy.” Kaima said as she spun and in the blink of an eye she hugged Lola.

Lola was shocked, she wasn’t expecting that but she responded well, as they stood there locked in a forgiveness embrace that radiated enough warmth to subdue the rage of the cold air in Kaima’s office pouring from the air conditioner.

“One last thing Kay,”

“What?” Kaima said nearly emotional.

“Cynthia is a mess, go to her. Also, you need to tell Dre how you feel, there is no point denying how you feel towards him. He is special. I can tell you guys will be great together.” Lola said kindly.

“I will make things right Lola, I promise. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your brave gesture, you’re a good person and Cynthia is lucky to have you.” Kaima responded.

“No! Cynthia is lucky to have us. Let’s be friends Kay.” Lola stretched out her hands.

Kaima paused looking at Lola’s outstretched arms like it was covered in leprosy. She was happy Lola had helped her to see the light but she wasn’t sure she was ready to let her into her life.

Lola stood there patiently, waiting, knowing that Kaima’s only choice now was to take it not leave it, she didn’t come all the way to just make peace, she also came to win Kaima’s friendship, so far she had made peace, friendship was the only thing remaining, she was determined to get it no matter what.

…….to be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/ Fiction


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