NIGERIAN TOURISM FOCUS; Nike Centre for Art and Culture


Nigeria is a richly diverse country located in West Africa, surrounded by, ocean, desert and an astoundingly rich culture.

Travelling from North to South, you will notice various interesting natural and man-made; historical and fairly modern sites, all beautiful and capturing tales. One of such captivating sites which truly spotlights the diverse art and native fashion is the Nike’s Centre for Art and Culture (NCAC).


*Mrs Nike Davies Okundaye, owner and chief curator for the Nike Centre for Art and Culture.

NCAC founded by internationally recognized artist and designer, Nike Davies Okundaye (Read her profile here) located in Lekki Lagos is one of Nigeria’s hidden treasures.


The four- storey building compromises of an art gallery and textile museum with over 7,000 pieces; a training section for young artists; and Coffee shop. The gallery believed to be the largest in West Africa holds a diverse collection of textile art, paintings and sculptings from indigenous Nigerian artists celebrating Nigeria’s talent and offering visitors an insight into all cultures of Nigeria through the medium of art.

**Video showing a cross-section of the Nike Centre for Art and Culture in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Feeling a little creative? You can take an art course with Nike or go on one of her week-long retreats outside of Lagos in the other art centers located in Osun state (Osogbo), Kogi state (Ogidi) and Abuja, all of which you can visit with ‘Nike Tours’. The tours offer overnight accommodation at her guesthouses, and partake in creating traditional African crafts such as adire, batik, indigo, beadwork, painting, or carving.


*Dancers dressed in traditional costumes performing for tourists at the gallery.

The Art gallery is open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm and often hosts art exhibitions, workshops,cultural days and fashion shows.

If you crave rich African culture and history, this is definitely the place to be.


Are you an African visual artist? Would you love to show your works to the world? We would love to hear from you. Please fill the contact form below.

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