Most pregnant women love comfortable clothes but also love to look and feel stylish in them. The question now is, can you have comfort without compromising stylishness when pregnant? The answer is YES!

We have come up with a list top 8 dress must-haves to have when you are expecting.

1. COTTON T-SHIRTS: cotton is one one the most comfortable fabrics which makes it a great choice for pregnant women but can look sloppy if not styled properly. Choose cotton shirts that are snug around the arms and shoulders but skim over the bump for the best fit.

2. STRETCH PANTS AND LEGGINGS: stretch pants are your best friend at this point because, let’s face it, there is a very low probability that your old pants will still fit at this stage. When shopping for these types of pants, choose ones breathable fabrics such as cotton/polyester or cotton/Spandex blends.

3. CHIFFON: God’s gift to the pregnant career woman. Pair chiffon shirt with a jacket and pants for a more tailored look. Not too keen on chiffon shirts, try chiffon dresses.

4. JACKETS: this essential wardrobe staple is rocked by everyone including expectant mothers. Boyfriend jackets are advised when choosing maternity clothes as they give you the desired comfort you need while keeping you looking sharp and tailored.

5. WRAP DRESSES: wrap dresses are perfect for pregnant women as they are easy to put on and take off. Did we forget to mention how flattering they are?

6. MAXI DRESSES: these are great as they can either be styled up for a more professional look or styled
down for a more casual look.

7. A-LINE AND SKATER DRESSES: a-line dresses are great as they cinch in directly above the waist while skimming the bump to give the illusion of a smaller frame. Skater dresses also serve this purpose without the additional waist cinching, giving you a long straight line that elongates the body, making you appear taller and leaner.

8. BLACK AND DARKER COLORS: we know this might be a bit cliche but black really is your best friend when choosing maternity dresses. Not a fan of black? Choose darker colors such as Navy, Ash etc as substitutes.

In conclusion
Please note that these dress style suggestions are completely generalized and are not specially specified for pregnant women in any particular trimester. It is also important to note however that your style choices when pregnant are not limited to these listed above, and you can choose to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Do you have any more pregnancy style suggestions that you would love to share with us? Please leave a comment.


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