West African black soap also known as Ose Dudu is made from the ash from cocoa pods, plantain and palm barks and is often combined with natural ingredients such as honey, lime, shea butter, palm kernel oil, coconut oil etc to increase it’s moisturizing properties.

Produced in West Africa (mainly Nigeria and Ghana), the black soap is created by harvesting palm leaves, cocoa pods, shea and plantain trees barks. This mixture is then roasted at a constant temperature, then mixed with oils such as coconut or palm and other ingredients such as honey etc depending on the formulation. The product is then poured into soap tins and left to set naturally for about two weeks.

Though this product is relatively cheap, it has been proven to have amazing benefits from people who swear by it.

Here are 6 natural reasons to choose the West African black soap:


1. The West African black soap works wonders by drying out acne and pimples and speeding up the skin’s healing process.
2. The natural ingredients contained in the soap such as honey and aloe vera increases it’s anti aging properties by fading the appearance of skin discolorations and fine lines.
3. Many naturalistas swear by black soap as an alternative to clarifying shampoo.
4. The plantain and cocoa ash formulation of this product helps in skin exfoliation and deep cleansing
5. It fades discoloration and dark spots. Visible improvement can be seen within a month of using the West African Black Soap.
6. It soothes and heals skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and is great for sensitive skin.

Though we have listed six amazing benefits of using the West African black soap, there were some product problems raised. We have got some solutions.


Cons and Solutions
1. Black soap is pretty drying and may not be suitable for constant use by individuals with drier skin types.
Make sure you choose a formulation that only contains moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, honey etc and stay away from those that contain citrus extracts.

2. It has a strong smell which many may find unpleasant.

If you find out that you do not like the smell of the current black soap you use, try other brands. You might just find what you like.

3. It melts easily and may become messy over time due to the black color.
This problem can be solved by storing the soap in a container to curb waste and minimize messiness.

It’s no news that products which contain more natural ingredients are better for our skin and hair in the long run. The West African black soap definitely falls into this category of healthy beauty products and is highly recommended by the Losbeauty team.

Do you have any experiences with the black soap? Please share.


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