CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 15


When Kaima and Cynthia arrived at the residence, they rolled on the elevator to Cynthia’s apartment in a luxury estate in Ikoyi. Kaima was too tired to stay up and chat with Cynthia, and went straight to bed after eating supper. Cynthia wasn’t too happy and warned that there wasn’t going to be a repeat performance tomorrow.

“Tomorrow we are going to have fun.” Cynthia said.

Kaima agreed.


On Wednesday morning, Cynthia was up as early as 5am; she prepped for work, with Kaima still snoozing. 20 minutes later, she was ready for work, and tried to wake Kaima up to tell her she was leaving for work, but received no answer. She then whispered into Kaima ear.

“Babe, I am leaving.” Cynthia said before turning to leave.

“Dre I am too tired to stand up, I’ll see you when you get back from work darling.” Kaima answered, smiling in her sleep.

“Really Kay?” Cynthia muttered to herself amidst giggles and stepped out of the bedroom.

Later that day, Cynthia called Kaima to find out how she was feeling. Kaima had told her she was feeling better but was looking forward to seeing her when she got back from work.

“This woman, you left me alone in this big apartment.” Kaima complained.

“I’m sorry love; I’ll come back on time.” Cynthia replied.

“Alright. Don’t forget to bring some goodies on your way back.” Kaima added.

“I will.” Cynthia replied.

On her way back, Cynthia stopped at Shoprite to get some ice-cream and chicken wings. An hour later, she was home, checking in with the receptionist at the lobby of her apartment before riding the elevator to her apartment. She called Kaima when she got to the door of her apartment. Kaima opened the door for her; and smiled when she saw the goods in Cynthia’s hands.

“You come bearing gifts I see,” Kaima said with glee.

“Yes babes, I figured we should see a movie or play scrabble, but whichever one we decide to do, we have ice-creams and chicken to spice the day.” Cynthia replied.

Cynthia went to the bathroom to shower, while Kaima fished for the scrabble board. When she was done, she put on a fresh set of clothes; a red bum short with a white sleeves top.

“I see your preference for this evening is scrabble; you want me to kick your butt madam?”
Cynthia asked.

“Kick my butt? Lady I’m going to kick your butt so hard, you’ll lose your appetite.” Kaima replied.

“Oh really? Let the games begin!” Cynthia replied with a bright smirk.

Kaima smiled back.

They played and after four games, the game was tied at 2 for 2. Kaima insisted that they play a final game to decide the winner, the ice-cream and the pail of chicken drumsticks had dwindled seriously, when they began their deciding game. Some minutes later, they agreed to stop playing when Kaima complained that she was beginning to feel a slight headache. Cynthia cleared the scrabble board and returned it to its place. She joined Kaima on the couch; and began to discuss random stuff.

Cynthia flashed back to the good old days when she was in high school, she told Kaima about a prank she and her friends played on their classmates at school.

“Really Cyndy! You did that when you were in high school?” Kaima asked, utterly shocked.

“O Yea! I did that and a whole lot more.” Cynthia added with a mischievous grin.

The time was 10pm, both ladies had switched from the living room to the bedroom, but they still gossiped, this time about work. Kaima told her about Monday morning briefings at Arrow Visions and how some of the staff fell asleep when presentations were going on, but whenever it was her turn to present, everyone came alive again.

“I don’t get why they do that, maybe because they are all waiting for me to make a mistake or something.” Kaima stated.

“…Or maybe it is because your presentations are so interesting.” Cynthia countered.”

“I guess you’re right; my boss never gives me any credit though, until one day when he felt my presentation was lacking interest. He even came to my office to find out if something was wrong with me.”Kaima added.

“When did this happen?” Cynthia asked.

“It was the weekend after we had the reunion at your place, and we saw Lola pawing Damilare.” Kaima answered.

“Jeez babes, I thought we were past that?” Cynthia asked in an accusatory tone.

“You were past that, I wasn’t.” Kaima replied.

“Don’t worry love, everything will turn out well. In the mean time I want to take a shower.” Cynthia comforted.

“Again Cyndy?” Kaima asked.

“Yes. It’s like a ritual for me.” Cynthia retorted.

“Bathing is a ritual?” Kaima repeated in disbelief.

“For me, not the rest of the world,”
Cynthia replied.

“By the way, aunt Cecilia called to find out why you hadn’t sent her a bill. She is holding that reunion she talked about this weekend.” She added.

“Really? I totally forgot. Could you please give me her email address let me quickly send her a mail and attach the bill to it.” Kaima answered.

“Sure love.” Cynthia replied.

Kaima worked on the bill and sent it to Cynthia’s Aunt Cecilia. Some seconds later, she received an email from Cynthia’s aunt stating that everything was in order and she was looking forward to seeing her and Cynthia at the reunion. Just then, Cynthia’s phone came to life.

“Cynthia, your phone is ringing.” Kaima screamed.

Can you check who is calling, Cynthia replied from the bathroom. Kaima picked up her phone to see who was calling. The expression on her face changed quickly when she recognised the photo of the person calling.

“Who is it?” Cynthia asked from the bathroom.

Kaima didn’t reply, instead, she went to the closet and started packing her things. When Cynthia came out of the bathroom, she was stunned.

“Kay where are you going to?” She asked.

Kaima pointed at her bed, and asked her a simple question in a very harsh tone.

“Do you know her?”

“Know who?” Cynthia replied looking very surprised.

“Look at the photo on your phone,” Kaima snarled as she pointed at the bed.

Cynthia walked slowly towards the bed, she retrieved her smart-phone, when she saw the photo, she knew she had it coming.

Kaima darling, I can explain.” Cynthia replied in the best sugar filled tone she could muster.

“You didn’t answer the question; do you know the person in the photo?” Kaima asked again in an angry tone.

…….to be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/ Fiction


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