We are all guilty of buying the beauty products that serve the same purpose without adding any real value to our beauty collection.

Your question: how do you prevent yourself from purchasing these products that serve the same purpose?

Our Answer: embrace double- duty beauty products! It’s that simple.

Here is our list of the top 9 pdouble-duty products that made the cut:


1. BB CREAM for all your face make up needs: this all-in-one product serves as foundation, tinted moisturizer and sun protector.


2. CONCEALER as primer and highlighter: this product is used mainly to cover up dark/ red imperfections as well as hide dark under eye circles, but did you know that concealer can double as eyelid primer and highlighter? We bet you didn’t.

3. BRONZER for an all round sunkissed glow: bronzer not only gives the shimmery subtle glow of sunkissed skin, but can also serve as eyeshadow and highlighter for darker skin tones.

When choosing bronzer, remember to choose a color that is at most two shades darker than your skin tone.


4. BROWN EYESHADOW for defined brows and contouring: not only makes your eyes pop but is a great alternative for eyebrow filler and even contouring powder.


*Recommended Product: Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm

5. LIP BALM, a quick fix for dryness too: always having lip balm in your purse can come in handy for chapped lips, dry hands and dry patches on the skin.


6. FACIAL WIPES for hygienic make up brushes: never underestimate the power of this beauty tool. Facial wipes are great for double cleansing and can be used to correct errors made when applying makeup as well as to clean make up brushes. Don’t believe us? Ask your make up artist.

Please note that baby wipes are not a good alternative for facial cleansing wipes. Although great for baby’s skin, these wipes do not contain ingredients that are non-beneficial to sensitive facial skin.


7. COCONUT OIL for everything beauty and health related: if you are ever going on a quick trip, do not forget to pack a bottle of this versatile beauty product. Coconut oil moisturises the hair and skin, reverses the effects of sun exposure, great for cleaning the teeth. Related Article: The Benefits of Oil Pulling For Oral Health. Need I say more?

*Recommended Product: Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Conditioning Co-Wash

8. CO-WASHING CONDITIONER= shampoo+ conditioner for dry, frizzy hair: who needs separate shampoo and conditioner when you can have a better alternative with co-washing conditioner for dry thirsty hair?

This product both cleanses and conditions the hair while leaving it fully
hydrated. Related Article: The Pros and Cons of Co-Washing


9. LIPSTICK as blush : did you know that lipstick is a great alternative when you run out of blush? Believe it on not, the use of lipstick as blush was the reason cream blush was founded.

Quick Tip: apply lipstick to finger and dab lightly on the apple and high-points of your cheeks for a healthy, youthful glow.

We have shared are double-duty beauty products. Do you have any special products that serve more than one beauty purpose? Please share.