CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 14


Monday morning which was Kaima’s ‘favorite’ office day was turning into a nightmare. She had read the financial report on her desk a dozen times but she still couldn’t pin point where the error her boss had noticed was.

‘I am not this sloppy’ she said to herself.

A burning headache was making her life miserable, rubbing her temples, she looked down at her Rolex, it was 10am, clearly too early a time to call Damilare and place an order for breakfast. Lately she hadn’t been sending an email as she usually did when ordering from the Magic Menu Restaurant, she preferred to call him directly on his personal number to place her order which was a tad unprofessional but she didn’t care.

The urge to call Damilare grew stronger with every passing minute; she just couldn’t focus on the financial report. There was the option of office coffee and toast, which tasted like cardboard and hot water in her opinion and certainly wasn’t what she needed to lighten her mood and quench the disturbing headache which now felt like a volcano that was about to erupt in her head.

Fifteen minutes later, she gave in, picking up her cell phone, she dialled Damilare’s number and waited patiently for him to pick up. No response. She dialled his number again, but still no response. I knew this was a bad idea she complained to the non-living things in her office. She dropped her cell-phone on her table and reached out for the office phone. She was about to call her secretary when her cell-phone came to life, a weak smile appeared on her face.

‘Hi Dre.’ Kaima said swiveling her chair from side to side.

‘Hi Kay, how was your weekend?’ Damilare replied at the other end.

‘It was a little bit rough. You? She asked.

‘Same here. Why are you calling this early? Have you changed your mind?’ Damilare asked.

‘Changed my mind about?’ Kaima repeated

‘The business I told you about on Saturday.’ Damilare replied.

‘Oh that! Not yet, but I’m calling on another matter.’ She exclaimed.

‘Go on….’ Damilare replied.

‘Dre I want you to…..’ Kaima paused.

‘You want me to do what?’ Damilare asked like a concerned brother

‘This might sound embarrassing’ Kaima replied.

‘C’mon Kay what is it just tell me, if it is within my power I’ll make it happen.’ He said.

Kaima smiled.

‘Can you please make coffee and toast for me?’ She asked with a humbled tone, at the same time covering her face with her free hand.

‘Kay if you asked me to bring you breakfast on the moon, I’ll do it. Sure I can.How do you like your coffee? Bland? With milk and sugar? With sugar but no milk?’ Damilare replied.

‘With milk and sugar.’ She replied.

‘You’ll get it at the front desk in the next 15 minutes. Do you want anything else?’ Damilare asked.

She was tempted to tell him there and then that she loves him, but something inside her told her it was a bad idea.

‘No Dre! that’ll be all for now.’ Kaima replied.

‘Have a great day at the office Kay…’ Damilare added.

‘You too Dre…’ Kaima replied.

A few seconds after, Kaima was still staring at her phone and thinking to herself how she loved when Damilare called her name.


20 minutes later, Kaima was crunching on some toast and sipping coffee. The toast was great; while the coffee was so good she wished she had ordered an extra cup. It suddenly occurred to her that she could start a small restaurant with Damilare as the main cook, she scanned her table for a writing pad, found one and quickly made note of that.

After breakfast, she looked at the financial report again and this time she was able to spot all the errors on the report. She was done editing the report in just under an hour but like a wounded lion seeking revenge, the headache which had disappeared when she ate toast and sipped coffee resurfaced again, this time it was stronger and very discomforting. She decided to call Cynthia to stop by her office and pick her up from work later in the day because she was too tired and worn out to drive.

She fired up her laptop and sent an email to her boss stating that she needed to get a rest badly and wouldn’t be coming in for work on Tuesday. She promptly received a call from her boss some seconds later, stating that it was okay for her to take both Tuesday and Wednesday off but warned that he could call her from time to time on those days if he needed her advice. She agreed without any protests.

After the call with her boss, Kaima reached for her cell-phone again, this time dialing Cynthia’s number.

‘Hey baby, how are you?’ Kaima said.

‘I am good love. What’s up with you?’ Cynthia asked.

‘Could you please pick me up on your way home, I’m having a bad headache and I really don’t feel so good.’ Kaima replied.

‘Sure thing.’ Cynthia replied.

‘And…..’ Kaima added.

‘There is an and?’ Cynthia asked in a funny tone.

‘Yes there is, unfortunately. I’ll be staying at your place, I really need to be around someone who can look after me. I’ll be staying with you for two days.’ Kaima replied half giggling.

‘That’s great; we are going to have fun!’ Cynthia replied, sounding excited.

‘Great! Bye love. See you at 5?’ Kaima replied.

‘Yep! 5pm. Bye sweetie.’ Cynthia said.

Kaima called Damilare again and placed an order for lunch. She asked him to make her anything he felt could really appeal to her and stated that she had no idea what she wanted to eat and felt she could trust him to make something fantastic. He agreed and promised to surprise her.

Cynthia stayed true to her words, by 5pm, she was at the silver building. She stepped into the building and rolled on the elevator to Kaima’s office. Kaima met her at the lobby; they shared a warm hug. Almost as soon as she stepped into the lobby, she noticed the white lunch bag with the ‘Magic Menu Restaurant’ print. She threw a questionable glance at her friend whose smug smile was beginning to fill her face rapidly.

‘Did Damilare bring that here himself? Cynthia asked.

‘O! Yes! He did’. Kaima replied still smiling.

……… be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/ Fiction

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