CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 13


Lola stepped out of the Magic menu restaurant with a big smile on her face. She had gotten the answer she was looking for; too bad the answer wasn’t for her she thought. She pulled out a little black gadget from her hand bag and pressed the red button on it. The alarm of a car came on mixed with the sound of the central lock doors unlocking. She reached her metallic black Nissan Murano and pulled the driver’s door open. Seconds later the car roared to life, putting on the air conditioner, she fished for her cell phone from her hand bag. She punched in some numbers and waited for the person at the other end to pick up.

“Hi Lola, do you have my answer?”

“Yes. He likes her.”

“You asked him and he said yes?”

“He said no but in a yes kind of way.”

“Lola can you be straightforward please.”

“He said he can’t go out with her because she is out of his league, but am telling you, he likes her I can tell.”

“I know you can that’s why I called you it’s one of your major fields of expertise aside acting.”

“It’s just sad though.”

“What’s sad?”

“I’m starting to like him too, but you don’t want me to have him.”

“Lola, burn those feelings to the ground now. He’s already taken. Talk to you later.”

“Whatever boo, bye.”

Lola placed her phone on the passenger’s seat. Her cute face morphed into a pout.

“Why can’t I have him, he’s so God damn adorable.” She told herself.

She put her seat belt in place and put the automatic transmission of the car in reverse.

The week rolled by quickly, and within the blink of an eye, it gave way to the weekend. Damilare was out of his apartment, it was a cool Saturday morning the sun wasn’t fully up which made it the perfect weather for the round leather game.

He got on the football field, positioning himself as a striker as he waited for the game to commence. The field was nothing compared to the ones he saw during the EPL matches but was perfectly decent for non-professional football players like himself.

After an hour, amid chaotic cheers and laughter on winning the match, Damilare said good bye to his team mates. He was offered by some of them to visit a bar to celebrate their victory, but he politely declined.

Minutes later he was on the short cut route that shaved off 20 minutes of walking time to his apartment. On getting home, Damilare quickly jumped into the shower.

The water from the shower was cold but exactly what he needed as it cooled off some steam from outside and inside his body. Lola sneaked into his mind, pictures of what she could look like if she took her clothes off played back and forth in his head like a motion picture. He found her very attractive, indeed.

“You have to get that girl off your mind; she is way out of your league.” A voice in his head warned.

When Damilare was done with taking his bathe, he towel dried his body and donned some fresh clothes. After hanging his towel on the door to dry, he headed to the kitchen.

The kitchen was a mess, he scowled at the sight. On restoring the kitchen to it’s previous order and glory, Damilare then made Akara and Pap, a simple local Nigerian breakfast.

The food helped him to regain his strength, he recalled that he hadn’t told Kaima about the new business he had got.

” I am sure she will be thrilled when I give her the news.” He thought to himself.

He dumped the empty plates in the kitchen sink, and walked towards the living room which also served as the bedroom in search of his Cellphone, wondering where the little gadget had run off to. His eyes swept every nook and cranny of the apartment, and yet he couldn’t find it. Feeling frustrated, he extended the search to the kitchen, but his effort turned up empty. Where the hell is my phone? He said through clenched teeth. He traced his way to the living room taking a seat at the reading table. His mind raced to where he last saw his phone, but there was no way he lost it on the football field he thought. Damilare buried his face in his palms,

“I am not this careless.” He said to himself.

Just then, something in his pocket vibrated, the vibration from his pocket seemed to jolt him back to the real world. He placed his hand in his pocket and retrieved his cell-phone. Oh, thank God he said with relief flooding his dimpled face. He checked the caller ID to see who was calling, the relief on his face turned into a smile. He answered the call.

“Hello Kay, I was just about calling you. Good morning, how are you?” Damilare answered.

“I’m fine, thank you. How are you?” Kaima replied.

“I’m great, in fact I have news for you,” he said as he dipped his free hand into his pocket pacing back and forth like a rocking chair.

“Really?, I am listening Dre.” Kaima said smiling like a school girl, who had been told by her crush that he wanted to take her out on a date. She felt butterflies in her stomach whatever the news is, since it was from him, she was glad he wanted to share it with her.

“Someone wants us to organize a family and friends reunion just the way we did at Cynthia’s place.” Damilare finally said.

“Really? That’s great. Who is the client?” Kaima asked still smiling.

“Lola Owoyemi. I met her at Cynthia’s family and friends’ reunion; she stopped by the Magic Menu Restaurant last week, wanting to know if I could organize something similar for her at her place. I told her I just handle the food, but you handle all the other stuffs like the processing, planning and the service charge fee.” He replied gleefully.

Kaima was silent; the school girl smile on her face had morphed into a scowl. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, so Lola had even gone as far as paying him a visit at his work place she thought to herself. The chic was really treading on enemy territory.

“Hello! Kay, are you there?” Damilare asked.

“Yes I am. You know what Damilare let me think about it, I’ll call you back to give you a reply.”

“But Kay there is nothing to think about, it’s what we do, I thought you’d be happy that I even got us a business.”

“I said let me think about it” she snapped. She cut the call and threw her cell-phone on the couch.

“Wow Kay, this new you, is really entertaining. So what’s the problem?” Cynthia who was also in the apartment with her asked.

“Lola is the problem; she wants a reunion for her family and friends similar to the one we did at yours.” Kaima replied.

“Then do it Kay. It’s just business don’t make it personal.” Cynthia chastised.

“She made it personal.” Kaima said in a vengeful tone.

“Kay! Let it go!” Cynthia yelled.

“She is smart, very smart, but I am smarter”. Kaima repeated as she walked into her bedroom.

…….to be continued.

Genre: Nigerian Romance/ Fiction


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