TONING VS BLEACHING, What’s the difference?

Hair and Beauty in Nigeria


I don’t know where the word “toning” comes from, but I can imagine that it means to “EVEN one’s skinTONE” as we have come to define it in our African beauty lexicon.

Now with that explained, what is the difference between “toning” one’s complexion and “bleaching” it? I was inspired to write this article after reading the bleaching article on BellaNaija and reading the comments.

In Layman’s term, “Toning” ideally means using products to “even” one’s complexion, while bleaching means to “change” one’s natural birth color.

As black woman, Hyperpigmentation (and often times Hypopigmenation) is one of our BIGGEST skincare problems. Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin caused by increased melanin, this can be caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, misuse of products or genetic disorders. This is often described as patches of darker skin scattered all over the face, chest or body.

Even skintone

So where…

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