Many people struggle to come to terms with how they look or who they are. They often make statements of dislike about certain areas of their bodies they would rather have a certain way. These emotions are often triggered by comments made in the past, sometimes present which adversely affect their self esteem.

Here is a video of the beautiful Youtuber and beauty blogger SunkissAlba speaking on this topic.

In the video, Alba talked about how she struggled to find herself as a young girl with her skin imperfections and a less than perfect body, which was nothing close to the models she had seen growing up, in magazines and struggled with self hate from an early age due to teasing, bullying and a preference for model-like looking girls by the boys in school.

As she grew older, Alba resolved to get plastic surgery done to fix all her imperfections when she had saved up enough money to do so, until she met her husband who loved every inch of her the way she was and often told her to get the thoughts of plastic surgery out of her head because she was perfect.

At 25, and now a mom, Alba has found comfort in her identity. She has embraced her flaws and imperfections and says she made the right decision of never going in to alter herself and you should too.


For our readers who think they aren’t beautiful or perfect enough, nobody is.

1. Accept yourself for who you are and love yourself. Self acceptance is the only way you can truly be happy with anything in life.

2. Do not try to look like anyone else especially models in high fashion magazines because most of them have been primed and prodded to perfection not to talk about airbrushing.

3. Do not try to bring people down by pointing out their physical flaws to make yourself feel better. It says a lot about you.

4. Remember that inner beauty matters more than the outside and you should focus more on developing the inside and it will start reflecting on the outside. Don’t be an empty vessel, physically beautiful on the outside but without substance.

6. If you are still thinking of getting plastic surgery after reading the points we have made above. Please wait till you are old enough to decide that it is truly what you want.

You are beautiful, remember that.

Do you have any more tips to learning to love oneself? Please share


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