CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 10


After the usual Monday morning briefing in the conference room at Arrow Visions, Kaima left the conference room feeling blue. She had managed to scale through her report presentation with a couple of forced corporate smiles and half-hearted laughs. She had delivered a top notch presentation as usual, but the Managing Director could see that something was missing. He knew there was something troubling her; he decided to check on her later in the day.

Kaima sat in her office, the sadness she was currently experiencing had skyrocketed into slight depression, there was paper work to be done, but she could not bring herself to focus. Images of Damilare and the female stranger that was flirting with him flashed in her brain like lightning on a stormy night. She tried to make sense of the situation, but it was hard.

‘She wasn’t asking him for directions to the ladies room, bloody slut’ she cursed. ‘Why was she showing him so much skin? Making all ladies seem cheap, clueless half wit’ she cursed again.

She folded her arms and paced back and forth, just then, her intercom buzzed.

‘Madam the MD is here to see you,’ Nkechi said.

The MD she murmured. Suddenly, she heard a knock. Without asking who was at the door, she opened it and was perplexed to see that the MD had travelled down two floors to come to her office. She wondered if she had missed something during her presentation. She tried not to give away any feeling of anxiety or uncertainty.

‘Good day Sir’, Kaima said with a hearty smile, as she ushered him into her office. The MD took a seat and motioned for her to do the same. ‘What brings you to this part of the building?’ She asked politely.

‘Just came to check on one of my stellar employees’ he said with a grin.

‘ I Am humbled and honored at the same time sir,’ Kaima replied.

‘Is there something bothering you Miss Audu?’ He asked crossing his legs.

‘Me!’ Kaima exclaimed. ‘No sir all is well; there is nothing wrong with me’ she replied.

‘Your presentation was great as usual, but it lacked some animation and character today. These are two qualities you bring into your presentation that makes it so convincing, interesting and top notch. Don’t get me wrong, your presentation was convincing and top notch, but interest was lacking today. Did you forget to carry that spice along with you, when you were leaving for work this morning?’ He asked.

Kaima smiled. The fact that her boss had taken note of her presentation skills was heartwarming, but how did he know something was bothering me she asked herself. She had taken great effort in masking the negative emotions that was hovering around her like a bee, yet he was able to see past the mask she was wearing. Did the man have a magic mirror that helped him see people’s emotions? She pondered. It hadn’t occurred to her that she hadn’t answered the MD’s question.

‘Miss. Audu,’ the MD called out.

Kaima almost jumped out of her chair. ‘Sir!’ She exclaimed. ‘Am sorry sir, I’m searching for the right way to present what is bothering me to you sir, but sadly it seems the presentation is not available at the moment hence I can’t figure out a way to share my problem with you sir, maybe it’s best if I figure it out on my own’ she added.

‘You can’t blame a man for trying, but I didn’t come here as your boss, I came here as a friend, so let’s cast the office formalities aside and discuss as friends. I know something is wrong somewhere, and I know you don’t have money problems, you relate and work well with most of your colleagues in the office, so my guess is you have a personal problem, maybe with a friend or someone you like or have an interest in, well whatever the case is you can either confront it or avoid it. The choice is yours but do something about it quickly; Arrow visions needs the animated Audu Kaima, please when you see her, tell her we missed her today at the briefing and we want her back ASAP,’ he said.

He got up and headed for the exit. Kaima followed suit, overtaking him, she opened the door for him.

‘Thanks for checking on me sir, I appreciate your concern,’ Kaima said.

‘You’re welcome, just get whatever is bothering you sorted out on time,’ he replied.

He took the elevator back to the floor where his own office was.

Kaima closed the door to her office and rested her back on it for a while. ‘Why was I feeling this way?’, she asked herself. She knew why she felt this way, but she was trying to convince herself that it wasn’t true. Walking slowly back to her table, she sat on the table and placed her feet on the chair, she had loosed her feet from the bondage of the black stiletto heels that housed them. She placed her hands on her face and sighed deeply. Shaking her head, she stretched out to retrieve her cell phone which was idling at a corner of the table. She punched in a very familiar number, placing the phone to her left ear, she waited for some seconds, when the caller at the other end picked up, she said;

‘Cynthia I think I kinda like Damilare’ she said.



Cynthia sat in her office feeling elated, ‘so I was right, Kay has a crush on Damilare, the famous Chef 26’, she said to herself.

Wow! didn’t see that one coming or maybe she did even though she had thought it would be some Hotshot businessman or Mr. Executive in a tuxedo that would be lucky enough to sweep her off her feet.

‘I knew it, I knew it, Kay is so in love, damn! Finally she is showing a soft spot. The beauty and brains had finally fallen in love’, she said loudly while pumping her fists in the air before getting up to display some unskilled dance moves.

After some seconds of mad displays, she edged to her table pulling out her writing pad from the drawer, she added this to her to-do list for the day; visit Kay this evening.

………to be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/Fiction


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