CHEF 26 by Ojeiwa Ojeabu Omo- Episode 7


Damilare was exhausted when he got home. He was too tired to take off his clothes, let alone cook a meal that he could eat. He thanked God that he had decided to pack his lunch as a take-out instead of eating it at Kaima’s. He took his shoes off and turned on the lights. The lights didn’t come on.

‘Oh men!’ He exclaimed, ‘I was outside some minutes ago and there was electricity in the neighborhood, I step into my apartment and its gone, never expect power always,’ he said, shaking his head as he searched for a candle from his single room apartment that had a built in toilet and bathroom. He finally found one idling on his reading table and lit it.

Damilare sat on his bed and ate what was supposed to be his lunch which had grown cold and now served as his dinner. His hunger was ferocious, and within minutes the take-out pack was empty. He gulped some water, and then lay down on his bed. As he closed his eyes, he recollected the events that had taken place today, his face brightened when he remembered how Cynthia had tried to unsettle him at the door by asking him if he had come to see Ada. Some minutes later he was snoring gently as he drifted into a very deep, but much needed sleep.

The magic menu restaurant was demanding with a lot of activity; customers were busy with their meals, chefs were busy with preparing meals and waiters with taking meal orders. Damilare was preparing a meal order when his phone rang. Without looking at the caller identity, he picked up and said,

‘Hello! Please can I call you back? I’m preoccupied.’

‘What are you doing?’ The caller asked.

He recognized the caller’s voice immediately. ‘Kay!’ He exclaimed. ‘How are you?’ He asked.

‘I am fine,’ she replied. How are you?

‘I am alright, but very busy at the moment. What can I do for you?’, he asked.

‘Our first order of business will be this weekend. You’ll be cooking for a family reunion, can you come to my place on Saturday so I can fill you in on some details?’

‘Is the event on Saturday?’ he asked.

‘No, no, no. It’s on Sunday.’ She replied.

‘Okay, I’ll be there, morning or afternoon?’

‘Morning will be perfect, so you can leave the island on time’ she said.

‘Why are you smiling?’ He asked

‘How did you know I was smiling?’

‘I just know’ he said.

‘Am glad we are finally doing this,’ she replied.

‘Okay. I’ll see you on Saturday’ he said. ‘Bye kay!’

‘Bye Dre!’

Damilare placed his phone back into his pocket and returned his attention to the meal order.

‘Who is handling Mr. Agbaje’s order?’ A waiter called from outside the kitchen.

‘On it!’ Damilare said, half yelling, half replying due to the frantic pace he was working.

‘Be quick about it, he is starting to look impatient.’

‘On Friday evening, Kaima was enjoying a bottle of red wine and peppered meat balls. She was reading a business magazine, when she realized she had not brokered an agreement with her first client for the job they were having that weekend. She traced her way to the couch and retrieved her cell phone, sashaying back to the dining; she punched in some numbers on her cell phone as she took a seat.

On the slightly cold Saturday morning, it wasn’t unusual to see joggers moving to and fro trying to keep fit. Gym centers filled with people trying to look fit and trim what was unusual was seeing Kaima and her side kick Cynthia in Kaima’s living room at 8am on Saturday morning.

‘Cynthia I am so sorry we can’t go to the gym today, we really need to sort out some details here about the family reunion we are having at yours. This is Dre’s first assignment and I need to make sure things go as planned.’

Cynthia did not respond, there was fire in her eyes and sadness on her cute face. A lot of questions were racing through her mind, the most important one was why Kaima chose to give her this info on Friday which had caused a change in the way they spent their weekends. She rolled her eyes at Kaima and folded her arms in defiance like a spoilt little child. Kaima sighed, took off her glasses and walked over to the couch where Cynthia was perched.

Kaima said softly, ‘I am sorry that it’s impromptu, but I had to start some where, you’re my friend and I thought you’ll understand. Cynthia shrugged, then gave her a stern look. Kaima pleaded non-verbally with her eyes and a smile. Cynthia sighed.

‘Okay, I’ll co-operate. But just so we are clear, you owe me and when the time is right, you’ll pay this debt’ she said, pointing a finger at Kaima.

Kaima’s phone rang some minutes later, she picked it up,

‘Hello’ she said, and listened for some seconds. ‘Okay’, that’s great! See you soon.’ She dropped her phone on the couch, turned to Cynthia and said, ‘he’ll be here soon.’

……………… be continued

Genre: Nigerian Romance/ Fiction


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