Damilare switched his attention from the refreshment on the tray to Kaima.

‘I’m ready’, he said to her.

‘Please come with me,’ she said leading him to the dining table.

They sat opposite each other; there was a blue satchel bag on the table, Kaima reached out to get it, pulling it by the handle, till it got to where she was.

She opened it and retrieved two things from the bag: a copy of the business proposal she had given Damilare at the restaurant, along with her tablet. She opened the proposal and went over it again with him. At first, Damilare looked bored because she hadn’t said anything new or anything that would change his mind. But when she powered on her tablet and showed him a PowerPoint presentation of how he fits into the business plus the time and energy he would be required to expend, boredom slowly gave way to interest. He adjusted the chair he was sitting on at one point in order not to miss the salient points she was highlighting on her tablet. Kaima noticed that Damilare was nodding at every point she was making during her PowerPoint presentation, she was glad it was having the desired effect; she had gotten the idea from Cynthia. Cynthia had advised her to treat the matter as if she were presenting the proposal to a board filled with wealthy businessmen.

According to Cynthia, she believed if Kaima wanted this business badly, then she should nail her target with a top notch presentation. Kaima was glad she had taken Cynthia’s advice. It took two hours and thirty minutes for Kaima to convince Damilare to take the deal. When he finally agreed, she brought out some documents for him to read and sign. He looked surprised, she addressed the issue quickly.

‘I can see you’re surprised, but this is a business and I intend to be professional about it in every way. Documentation is of utmost importance to me, I don’t joke with it.’

He swallowed some saliva and began reading the documents. When he started to sign without asking any questions, Kaima brightened inside, but she didn’t let it show. Not that the document contained anything shady, she was just glad that Damilare was joining her team and business. After signing the documents, he handed them back to Kaima.

At that moment, Cynthia joined them at the dining table, she walked gingerly towards Kaima whispered something into her ears before taking a seat at the dining table. Damilare stood up and stretched out his hands, Kaima wrapped it with hers, but she didn’t stand up.

‘I guess I can take my leave now,’ he said.

‘There is still one thing you have to do for me before you leave,’ she said, there was a mischievous smile on her face that made Damilare suspicious.

‘What do you want?’ The question screamed in his head, but instead he asked in a gentle tone. ‘Which is?’

‘Can you make us lunch?’, she asked.

‘No I can’t, I have to be on my way’, he replied politely.

‘Please, just this once, I want to see how you do it’, she said.

‘I don’t like an audience when am in the kitchen. I prefer the solo act.’

At that juncture, Cynthia jumped into the conversation.

‘Damilare’ she said, ‘It’ll be a grand honor if you cook for us, there’ll be no audience just you and the kitchen’, she said with a charming smile.

‘Cynthia!’, Kaima objected, ‘the reason why I want him to cook is so I can see how he handles the kitchen and does his magic.’

‘Well Kaima the only way we can taste his magic is not to see him making the magic’, Cynthia replied.

‘I like your friend’, Damilare said, ‘she seems to understand the word trade secret very well.’

‘Don’t lecture me about trade secret’, Kaima cut in, ‘I know all about it too. So you’re afraid I’ll find out your trade secret’, she said.

‘I’m not afraid of that’ he replied confidently. ‘I don’t want to be distracted that’s all.’

‘Distracted!’, Kaima exclaimed, ‘by who?’

‘You of course!’, Cynthia chipped in. ‘With your great curves! How ever do you expect the man to get the cooking right?’ she asked in rhetoric, while making a funny face at Kaima.

Damilare and Kaima laughed with abandon.

‘So what do you want to eat?’, he asked giving in to Kaima’s request

‘Surprise me’

‘Really! You want me to surprise you?’, Damilare asked, shaking his head. Kaima didn’t say a word, she just nodded. Cynthia looked at her, she was about to say something, but she let it go. There was a spark in Kaima’s eyes she hadn’t seen for quite some time now. The fact that it was there today meant only one thing. Cynthia decided she was going to find out when the time was right, but deep down, she hoped it wasn’t what she thought.

‘Where is the kitchen?’ Damilare asked.

‘Follow me,’ Kaima replied.

‘Okay boss,’ came his reply.

‘Don’t call me that,’ she said.

‘How about Miss. Audu?’ He teased.

‘Don’t call me that either, just call me Kay.’

As soon as Kaima and Damilare disappeared from the living room, it slowly dawned on Cynthia that her suspicion was spot on. She smiled, shaking her head a few times. She left the dining table and headed back to the couch.

………to be continued.

Genre: Nigerian Romance/Fiction


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