Ever woken up one morning only to be greeted with the dreaded break out? Here is our list of its 9 most common causes.

1. New facial product: switching to a new facial cleanser, exfoliator or moisturizer may just be the cause of your break outs. Sometimes, it takes a while for the skin to adjust said one of our experts.

2. Cell phones: research has shown the surface of dirty cell phones are believed to harbor more bacteria than toilet seats. Naturally, these surfaces come in contact with our faces on a daily basis, hence, the transfer of bacteria. Ensure that the surface of your cell phone is wiped constantly using an anti-bacteria wipe or tissue to reduce the occurrence of break outs.

3. Uncleaned Makeup brushes: uncleaned makeup brushes are also a major culprit in causing break-outs. Ensure to clean brushes monthly using a mild shampoo to prevent break outs.

4. PMS-ing: at ‘that’ time of the month, quite a number of women experience the appearance of break ours and acne on skin. Not to worry, this usually clears up after a few days.

5. Unhealthy diet: an unhealthy diet not only wrecks havoc to your skin and causes break-outs but is also bad for overall well-being. To prevent this, eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well as protein.

6. Water: it’s important to stay hydrated to maintain clear skin. Lack of adequate hydration leads to dull skin and break-outs.

7. Pillowcase: hair and facial oils seep into the fabric of our pillowcases when we sleep. Ensure you wash your pillowcase at least once a week to prevent breakouts.

8. Medication: the side effects of some medications are breakouts. Please see a doctor if the side effect becomes unmanageable.

9. Over cleansing or Not cleansing well enough: both over and under cleansing your skin will lead to break-outs. Make sure to use cleansers specially formulated for skin to prevent this.

Need to speak with skincare expert within Nigeria? Send us an email at losbeauty90@gmail.com or fill the comment section below.


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