Does your man tolerate your fashion trends for love? Find out if you are guilty of any below:

1. Short hair: It’s a known fact that men prefer long hair over a short one, as they perceive women with long hair as more feminine than others with a short hair. Unless you have a face like Halle Berry, stay away from short hair.

2. False Lashes: ‘I feel like these things are going to develop wings and start flying’, said one of the males we interviewed. False lashes, though glamorous and Kardashian-esque are a definite no no in any man’s books.

3. Over-sized handbags: Men find it puzzling when a lady hangs a big handbag on her arms. They begin to question the content of the bag and why you find it necessary to carry a bag large enough to fit all his items for a 2 weeks trip, everywhere you go.

4. Baggy shirts and dresses: The average guy loves to catch a glimpse of what a lady is working with (body wise). Though men love that you leave something to the imagination, they rather you not leave everything to the imagination. Baggy shirts and Tees just make women look pregnant or shabby in their opinion.

5. Jeggings: The jeggings made it’s debut in the early 2000’s and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a long time. Girls love the comfort and chic-ness of wearing jeggings but many guys will probably never try to understand this fashion piece!

6. Overly Dramatic Makeup: The cake face aka overly dramatic make up is a huge turn-off for guys. “A bold smokey eyes paired with a bold brightly colored lip is too intense for we guys”, said a male that was questioned, “we are suckers for the fresh faced, effortlessly beautiful look.”

7. Over-sized Sunglasses: aka Nicole Richie fabulous signature. We are all secretly guilty of this fashion faux-pas but who cares? A girl is allowed to break rules sometimes right?

8. Fake nails: Most men can’t stand fake nails. ‘They look fake and feel fake’, said one of the guys we interviewed. Although fake nails are a hit trend among women, men would love them to stay where they ought to be: down the toilet!

9. Headbands and bows: Unless you are trying to look like a cast member from gossip girl, ditch the headband. Men think they are childish and don’t get us started on the bows.


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