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Wondering what black fashion addiction is? Then answer the following questions. Are you almost always drawn to black clothing when out shopping? Would you only consider wearing clothes that are black or close to black such as navy or ash even though you have a sprinkling of bright happy colors? Do you own more than your share of the forgivable number of black pieces in your wardrobe? Then you are most certainly suffering from Black Fashion Addiction.

Being an unrepentant black fashion addiction sufferer myself, I have learnt that I am hard-wired to choose darker colors over lighter ones which many therapists might argue to stem from a much deeper issue of control or unhappiness (totally disagree!), here are some solutions to not looking not as intimidatingly black as usual. Related Article: 7 Cost Effective Ways to Looking Fabulous


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1. Choose lighter colored shoes such as nudes, browns, animal prints and metallics. This way, you minimize the mournful look without losing your mind and identity.


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2. Accessorize with metallic colors such as gold and silver to make your outfit pop.


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3. White is your best friend. You can never go wrong with the black and white combo, right?


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4. Stick to lighter make up for the eyes ( stay away from raccoon eyes). Add a pop of color such as reds or pinks to lips to make a statement.


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5. Getting a lighter shade manicure is always a good idea. Too scared to push your color boundaries? Go for pastel color shades of muted pinks, purples, golds,  and blues/greens.

The above steps are given to help manage but not totally eliminate your black addiction as we all need a little black in our lives, don’t we?

Are you a black fashion addict? Please share your thoughts.


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