Please could you introduce Yourself?
My name is Kurtis Smith and I am a Nigerian. I am a Health, Safety and Environment (SHE) Officer and a relationship adviser HERE. I now live in Lagos State, Nigeria.
How would you define your style?
I’ll define my style as sporty fused with tailored and African elements. I have over 20 face caps that I wear occasionally with jeans on a casual outing. I love muffler scarfs too, schooled in the UK so I guess that’s where the addiction came
Do you have any must-have fashion staples in your closet?
My wristwatch is a must when going out, I am a very time conscious person so as the saying goes “time is money”. I always have my black suits ready for action when I need them, I hardly travel without at least a black suit. I love my ties also, have so many to go with every shirt I have. Traditional wears are a must in my wardrobe, they are trendy and goes with almost any occasion. Last but not the least are my black shoes, I believe I have more than 5 pairs of them.
Male fashion trends you dig this season? Male fashion trends You wish would go away?
Hats, African bracelets and necklaces. Colorful trousers (especially red).  I also detest guys on skinny pants, it just looks wrong.
Do you have any fashion/ beauty trends that you wish all Women Knew?
Stay off the cake face! Us guys love natural looking women. Clean natural hair and light makeup.
Personal Grooming Tips/ Tricks?
Shaving removes the top layer of skin cells, so I tend to shave once in 5 weeks to give my skin a break. I use medicated hair creams like Damatol on my hair for 3 days after shaving before going back to my Enliven hair gel. This helps keep my scalp germ free and fresh.
Any favorite brands at the moment?

In terms of gadgets, its Samsung for me any day any time, I feel Apple products are just over hyped and Techno under hyped. I love celebrity fragrances because it kinda adds a face to the smell. I am a David Beckham fan so I love most Beckham fragrances like Homme, Instinct, Signature and Intimately Yours. I also love wristwatches, it completes my dressing but I am not particular about which brand I wear. I love Tissot and Kenneth Cole wristwatches, not that I wear them though, I just love admiring them on


How do Your Stay in Shape?

I live in shape. I hardly workout, so there is no point claiming I do. One thing I know I do that keeps me fit is the fact that I try playing football or jogging at least once every two weeks. Sex is a good workout too (only if your married though), so I look forward to working out together with my future wife *wink*.

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