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The significance of art in fashion is prominent in many designers collections as they often reference a point in art history as the driving force or idea behind their new creations.

We caught up with the talented abstract artist and sculptor, Anthony Boone who is influenced by Fashion and Architectural movement. Boone who is planning to start his T-shirt line in June completely embodies the quote ‘Fashion is Art, Art is Fashion’.


Please introduce yourself and what you do.

Hey guys, My name is Anthony E. Boone (Art name: Boone) and I am an Abstract Artist and Sculptor from Rahway, New Jersey, America.

Please describe your Art Form.

My art form is Abstract, my medium is acrylic mixed media which I term ‘liquid movement’. I’m a very unorthodox painter, I paint in the most comfortable way to paint, on the ground, I don’t use a paint brush, I use everything else (laughter)…. Scraper, Knifes, Forks, Water, Fire, Vinegar etc. I have no limits when it comes to creation and exploring the unknown.

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What inspired your passion for art?
So many things inspired my passion. From everyday life experiences such as  a  speeding car, or a heavily traveled walked surface, I see abstract art/ serialism in it.  Rock formation in mountains, water movement from a waterfall and the different colors formed through erosion.
I am also inspired by the worlds around us, things we can only view through telescope, galaxy, stars, gas, planets and nebula which are elements inspire us all because are apart of that organic world. This is the kind of atmosphere you find in my work. I love it!!!!
How did you develop this passion/Who are your influences?
I’m influenced by my parents who are both artists, but a different type of art. My mom is a professional seamstress and my dad is a carpenter even now in old age are still passionate to create.
We know you are working on something big at the moment. Could you tell us more about it?
I am working on a series titled “Following My Dream 150” and the concept behind the series is to create 150 original, one-off paintings. This project started on New Year’s Eve is in memory of My late brother Darren Roe.
The revenue from these paintings create will help fund my Boone tee-shirt line that will drop in June aiming to get the youths involved in art through fashion; to wear something that’s alive, that has substance and history behind it, and to motivate them to create as well.
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Where can this work be purchased?
My work on the “Following My Dream 150” series can be found on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and on TWITTER. It can also be purchased from my online portfolio HERE.


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