The importance of Fitness and Exercise in our daily routine can never be over-emphasized as it not only keeps one healthy and strong by building the body’s natural immunity but also keeps us looking attractive.

There are several pleasurable activities a person can engage in to stay fit and one of the ways to do so is through swimming.

A member of our team caught up with the CEO and Head Coach of The Climax Swim School, the premier organized swimming school in Nigeria to discuss why swimming is a necessary and enjoyable skill everyone should have.


Please introduce yourself.

Hello guys, my name is Amfani Musa Ayam and I am a Swimming Coach/Instructor from Nigeria.

Why did you choose Swimming as your fitness passion?

I wouldn’t say I chose swimming as a fitness passion but rather that swimming chose me. I have always been drawn to  water since I was a kid and oftentimes I got punished for being the rebellious child who sneaked  away to the pool against his Father’s wishes. We Nigerians are quite superstitious about water but it all worked out in the end, I guess (laughter).

What prompted you to start a Swim School?

It was pretty easy! I knew my passion and I knew I wanted to share it with the world. It’s one thing passion, but another to communicate that passion. I found my balance.


When did you first open your Swim School and what is your vision for the school?

We began Climax Swim School officially in 2010 and it was quite challenging at the onset like any other new business. Right now, We average about 150 clients monthly, thanks to our unique service style and clients’ goodwill.

Our vision is to train young athletes to swim professionally and compete internationally on any platform. Our end game is to produce Olympic winners in the swimming category from Nigeria.

As a professional, what would you say are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming has a lot of benefits and they vary between people, some have who want to lose some weight have found out that water is more dense than air so doing other forms of exercise isn’t as efficient as swimming, your limbs are protected from the harsh exercises in the gym.

Swimming is also used for rehabilitating Stroke patients,individuals with down syndrome and calming Autistic children. Swimming also helps in building the cardiovascular muscles. It earns bonus points for also being a recreational activity.

What do you think about the stereotype that Nigerians (Africans, Blacks) cannot swim?

Nigerians have capacity to excel among the leading Swimming nations but  passion and enthusiasm is lacking, and that’s why we are where we are. With discipline and determination, many Phelps can come from Nigeria (Africa).

What are your tips for beginner Students and Coaches?


Make sure you find a good instructor  with good communication skills who is patient and willing to teach. Secondly, you MUST eliminate fear to ever do well as a swimmer.


If you are keen on going  into the swimming business, you must love what you do and be willing to be creative in your approach.


Where is your Swim School located?

Climax Swim School is based in the FCT (Abuja) Nigeria but we shall be expanding soon to other major cities in Nigeria.

Want more information on Climax Swim School, find them on FACEBOOK, follow on TWITTER or call the following numbers 07054765738, 07060450402.



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