The 3-Part Series of: Is She Letting Herself Go?

The Beauty Cloud


PART 1 :

“I don’t need to buy an expensive underwear to feel pretty”…

As you all know, the beauty industry is dictating new fashion trends, products that “should” be used by all of us and explaining, “what beauty should look like”. But we all are aware of how the marketing works and how it affects our perception of beauty.

Every morning when we wake up, we spend hours getting ready in order to look “perfect”.  We stand impatiently in 7bfront of the wardrobe to chose the right outfit for the day; our arms are tired from keeping them up for so long whilst doing make up and hair; and when we are done, we still do not feel as good as we should.

Let’s then take a step back and have a think: why do I need so many cosmetics, clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Is it because I like…

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