Hey guys,

I finally started using this amazing styling website POLYVORE which allows you express your personal style without any inhibitions (you know I am talking about your bank account, lol). I started playing around with some outfits and I am delighted to bring to you my first creation tagged ‘Military Chic’.
military chic

I created this style with the sophisticated yet expressive woman in mind. The bold Camo dress shows that she is willing to take risks while the Gucci bag and pumps keeps it classy and understated. Her aloy bracelets and cuff earrings expresses that she is young and adventurous while the sunglasses show that she is updated.

Here is a rundown of the items on my style list with prices and online store locations. Please click on the pictures to go directly to the websites.

$136 Edith A. Miller Camo Long
shoe bcbg
$225 BCBG
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Coast Ria Chain Cuff
cuff earing
Infinity Cuff Earring
Gucci Gold Leather Broad

This is a personal expression of my style. Would you rock this style? Please share your thoughts.

Till Next Time,

Stay organically beautiful,



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