Hey guys,

I have missed you so much since I have been away. I am sure some of you are ecstatic that I am addressing this dreaded or shall I say confusing topic finally. Yep, I know, it’s a beauty blog  and all what not, but who said breast-care isn’t part of beauty, huh?


Growing up, I had a difficult time finding the true bra size for my girls. I had problems from having the smallest cups to having the biggest bands and everything that could possibly go wrong in-between.

As a teenager, I was so self-conscious of my breasts that made me cram them into smaller sized bras (which was a whole heck of painful, btw) because I wasn’t used to the idea of having a bigger chest having looked like a boy for so long.

As a young woman however, with my improved self-image, I have begun to see this as nothing to be ashamed of but rather something to be appreciated and treated with care.

Many women today, believe that its a blessing to be bestowed with large breasts (in large I mean from a D-cup and above) because the boys love it  (I guess) *wink*, which has led to the spike and increased demand for breast augmentation surgery, but trust me, it definitely has its disadvantages and ‘Bra Shopping’ is certainly one of them.


Finding the perfect bra is a pain in the butt for a lot of women especially those in countries that have limited lingerie shops who then settle to shopping online without having a clue to what their actual size is. This problem isn’t only peculiar to women that have larger chests but also for smaller or medium-sized women.


I have researched online to find the perfect way to calculate ones bra size and a few of the methods I have seen have been majorly flawed. Why? Well, a couple of them stated that you measure the circumference below or above your bust and add 4 inches if it’s an even number and 5 inches if it’s an odd number.

I simply do not buy into this system of calculating your size because of one simple reason..which is… Why the heck would I want to add an extra 4 or 5 inches to my frame? It would only make me bigger and the chances that the band would be too big are quite high because the band actually does almost all the work supporting your breasts. I have tried this method and found out that it doesn’t just work for me because the band tends to be very loose after a short while, and we all know that bra bands are made from elastic so they will definitely stretch with time. So for me it’s, the snugger, the better, however, it should never be too snug to cause discomfort and in some cases pain.


Here is a simple guide to calculating your band size:

1. Measure the circumference below your bust to get your real band size. For example if you measure a 30″, then your band size is 30″.

2. Because bra sizes come in even numbers, if your under bust circumference is an odd number e.g. 29, add or deduct an extra one inch  to make it an even number which in this case gives you 30″ or 28″.

This now brings me to the topic of cup size. Bra cup sizes range from an AA cup  to J cup for regular retail store brands. (Yes, some people have their bras customized to fit, Lol).

Where the difference between bust and band size for: AA=0″, A=1″, B=2″, C=3″, D=4″, DD or E=5″, F=6″,FF or G=7″ …………..

measure cup

To calculate your cup size:

1. Measure the circumference around your bust, preferably without wearing a bra.

2. Deduct your band size from the value gotten. For example, if you measure 36″ and your band size is 30″, then you are an F cup

3. Using the cited example above, the woman with a band of 30″ and a bust measurement of 36″ would wear a ’30 F’ bra size.

NB: If you decide that your band is a little too snug or too big, remember to go down a cup size if too snug and up a cup size if too big. For example: if the circumference of my under-bust is 30 and that of my bust is 36, ideally, I should be wearing a 30 F sized bra. However, if I find out that the 30 F size bra band is too snug, I will go up a band size but reduce the cup size from a 30 F to a 32 DD or E. If the band which in this case is 30 F band is too big, I would go down a band size and increase my cup size from a 30 F to a 28 FF or G.

Yep, it’s that simple. My simplified method of perfect bra sizing and  I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Before I leave, here are some of my favorite bra brands I think you guys should check out:  Marks&Spencer, Panache, or to shop online for more brand choices, please visit Bravissimo.

I will love to hear your questions and opinions on bra sizing and tricks on finding your perfect fit.

Till next time,

Stay organically beautiful,





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