I am an absolute all-things-organic freak and I want to share my special secret that makes me glow from the inside out. Not to brag, I have really lovely skin to say the least that is the shade of dark olive/ light bronze and I am often asked what I use to keep my 22-year-old skin looking in tip-top shape.

I will definitely show to you more of my secrets but for today, I will be touching the topic of Green Tea scientifically called Camellia Sinensis. This is not to say that this is the best tea but being a blogger, I will make sure to document happenings and observations based on my personal experiences.

Not to bore you with too many technical gibberish on the evolution and origins of green tea, which is entirely no fun, I would skip to the parts that interest me and make it easier for you my lovelies to understand.

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Green tea is an herbal drink from the tea-plant and originates from Asia….. (no wonder they age so gracefully) and unlike its black alternative, it isn’t left to ferment, therefore it is left in its most natural possible state.

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Green tea is an intricate part of the Asian culture, as many noble households serve it to their guests as a form of tradition and honour. (How cool is that?) I wonder what a tea party in Asia would be like? I am guessing so colourful and rich in culture like it is here in Africa.

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There are so many uses of Green tea as it has natural antioxidants that fight free radicals which cause aging as well as cures infections, builds up the immune system and cell-regeneration while at the same time-serving as a deliciously tasty beverage (when milk/cream and sugar are added, of course). Without milk or sugar, Green tea tastes pretty neutral, like water with a slight indescribable taste. in some cases, green tea has been used medically in the treatment and prevention of various types of cancers.

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Personally, I take my green tea with a slice of lemon or lime as it gives me that slight sour taste I absolutely love. From my observations, green tea not only makes your hair and skin healthy and shiny, but also prevents weight creep that is the bane of many adults today.

Of course, being the In-house beautician that I am, I have put this amazing natural product into good use by using it as a natural eye de-puffer as well as in my organic body scrub concoctions and has worked superbly.

There are various types of organic green teas in the market today, so feel free to pick any trusted brand of your choice and enjoy!

I guess you will agree with me that this is no ordinary tea and it definitely has my 100% stamp of approval one of the secrets to looking and feeling fabulous at any age.

Green tea, My beauty secret.


Vivianne Chidueme


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