“total fuchsia” look?!?…no, just a little bit

Pink has never looked so good!!!

I love green inspiration

After the yesterday “green inspiration” #36 inspired to the bougainvillea, today I investigated how this color could be used in fashion – accessories and clothing -, in interiors and makeup – nail polish and lipsticks. Obviously there are countless examples, but I selected only those that somehow I would use. I realized that the “total fuchsia”  look is not for me. In my opinion wearing some fuchsia accessories, a lipstick, a nail polish or a beachwear during summer could make the simplest of the outfit, sophisticated….but not more than this. What do you think? Is it a color you would like to wear? Perhaps the red cherry is less strong, but more interesting!?!? What about you?

“total fuchsia” look?!?…no, giusto un pò!!! Dopo la “green inspiration” #36 di ieri ispirata alla bougainvillea, oggi ho cercato come questo colore viene utilizzato nella moda, per accessori e vestiti, negli interni e nel makeup -smalti e rossetti…

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