Nkwobi is a classic and very popular delicacy originating from the South-Eastern region in Nigeria. Made with cowleg cooked and smothered in thick sauce, it is one of the many culinary delights to be derived from Igbo origins.
More of an appetizer and served on its own, Nkwobi has become a favourite part of the menu when eating out in “traditional” restaurants both home and beyond.

Not to be confused with the equally popular isi-ewu (goat head), Nkwobi is a simple yet tasty dish with a tempting flavour which will keep you asking for more!

Easy to prepare
Nkwobi can easily be prepared at home to be enjoyed by all. Finding the right ingredients is important in order to recreate your very own authentic Eastern Nigerian dish. It is also a good idea to prepare a sizeable quantity because there’ll always be requests for a second helping…

  • Cowleg
  • Ground pepper(black, red)
  • Ground edible potash (called “kaun” or akanwu; used for thickening)
  • Salt, palm oil, chopped onions, ground crayfish
  • Sliced ugba (oil bean)
  • Sliced utazi (bitter native vegetable leaves)
  • Ground “ehuru”/efuru (a kind of seed, can be ground along with the crayfish)
  • Seasoning cubes

To cook:
First, the Sauce:

  1. To make the “ngo” or sauce, which is the vital part of the dish, some kaun (potash) is first dissolved in a small bowl of water (about a cup).
  2. Ngo is a mixture of kaun and palm oil. It is prepared by gradually pouring the kaun/water mix over gently heated palm oil. Ensure there are no lumps of kaun in the water! The red oil in the pot begins to turn bright yellow and thickens, so continue to add the kaun water and stir until you get your desired thick yellow sauce. In place of water, the meat stock can also be used, if cooled.
  3. Cut cowleg into pieces, season with salt and onions. Cook till tender, then leave to cool.
  4. Add “ugba”, ground pepper, crayfish and ehuru to the “ngo” sauce.
  5. Stir till ingredients are well blended.
  6. Add the cowleg, seasoning and salt and allow to simmer for three/five minutes.

How To Serve:
Nkwobi may be served cold, or heated a little. However the utazi garnish (vegetable leaves) are not to be cooked but chopped and sprinkled on dish and topped with onion rings.

I absolutely love this dish beacause it’s so tasty. Why don’t you try making it sometime?



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