SUPER RUNWAY NIGERIA is an international fashion and modeling show designed as a vehicle to raise awareness level on the… scourge of cervical cancer in Nigeria and provide free screening for Nigerian women.
• Cervical cancer is the most common gynecological cancer worldwide with almost 80% occurring in developing countries such as Nigeria.
• The awareness levels in Nigeria are very low as a result few women avail themselves to regular cervical screening.
• In the absence of widespread intervention, WHO projects a 25% increase in cervical cancer disease in developing countries like ours over the next decade
SUPER RUNWAY CERVICAL CANCER CAMPAIGN pursues several campaigns and raises funds with selected NGO’s by organizing events such as fund-raising concerts (involving national and international artists), auctions, charity balls, fashion shows, sporting events as well as other exciting and creative actions.  Majority of the funds raised from these events will go to providing screening and vaccination.
SUPER RUNWAY CERVICAL CANCER CAMPAIGN is currently running a cervical health campaign to alleviate the disease burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria aimed at reducing the cervical cancer scourge in Nigeria. SUPER RUNWAY CERVICAL CANCER CAMPAIGN in partnership with the George Kerry Life Foundation, a non-governmental organisation working for the advancement of women and elimination of the scourge of cervical cancer in Nigeria serves to provide Nigerian women in every socio-economic stratum with timely, effective cervical health awareness and screening services.
The Board of Advisors of SUPER RUNWAY CERVICAL CANCER CAMPAIGN is made up of very reputable and highly esteemed Nigeria including Dr. D.S. George (notable gynecologist) Dr. Mathilda Kerry (Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2000), Mr. Segun Arinze (notable Nigerian film actor), Kanayo O. Kanayo (Nigeria’s A-list Actor), Arc. Taiwo Ekun (a professional Architect), and Bar. Obuesi Phillips.
1. To increase cervical cancer awareness in Nigeria by 50% by the year 2020
2. To provide standard cervical health care and educational services in a sensitive, timely manner to Nigerian women.
3. To screen five thousand Nigerian women in the lower social economic strata free of charge every year, utilizing funds we raise from both public and private sources.

*Image Source: KWDesigns on Flickr



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