Girls with shaved heads

Check out these beauties rocking the shaved head trend!! I absolutely adore Noemie Lenoir. Who’s your favourite?


The last year I have noticed the growing amount of girls with shaved heads. I think it looks really cool. It add´s a big edge to the look which i think complimented fx Natalie Portman a lot. She is ofcourse always gorgeous no matter what she does with her hair, but sometimes a little too “pretty” for my taste. I think it takes a little something extra to dare shaving your head as a woman. To many people hair is a huge symbol of femininity & Hollywood is filled with women that think you can´t get enough hair so they add extensions. I have no problem with that though I just think it´s refreshing the other way around. I found some pictures of women who looks great with shaved heads.

Model Alek Wek-I think she is so beautiful & I love her name so much that I tried to…

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